Summer 2011 Aspirations & Plans

I decided to get a head start on this blog, I’m feeling way too excited to wait!~

Last summer in qingdao with my Chinese friends

As it stands now, I have just been hired to be the TA for the USF Chinese Learning in the Culture (CLIC) study abroad program. This is great because I have been a participant in this program for the last two summers, and for once I won’t have to pay to go (THEY pay ME), just too good to be true. What happens is the students spend one week touring Beijing, then spend six weeks in Qingdao’s Ocean University of China studying intensive Mandarin. These programs have changed my outlook on life and culture, so I am honored to be able to help other students discover the beauty of China. One bonus is my little sister started taking Mandarin in the fall, and has been accepted in CLIC as well….meaning we are going to spend time in Korea beforehand! What we hope to do is arrive in Korea on May 7th, see all of the sites, maybe stalk (molest?) some K-Pop celebrities… you know the usual. Then head to Qingdao, China on May 21st. Sounds good right? And it would be even better if I spoke the slightest amount Korean, but that’s just nit-picking. I will post regularly while there, and hopefully have hilarious, strange, and great tales to tell. The CLIC program ends at the end of July, and my college does not start until September… so I will have an entire month to squander, why not travel? I plan to spend that month potentially stalking more celebrities in Taiwan, haha. Ok so checklist of this summer’s travel plan: Korea, Qingdao, Taiwan. Wish me luck =)


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