Don’t Believe The K-Dramas

Ok folks, I’m sure if you are interested in this blog you are probably also interested in K-Dramas. Korean dramas are part of the Hallyu wave that bring recognition to South Korea world-wide. Many foriegners have seen the dramatic scenerio: Boy meets girl, hate each other (or have an embarrassing first impression), keep getting put together by fate, and end up in perfect love. After going through many series, you may notice the “bedroom scenes” are almost always kept to a minimum, kissing reserved for the ending, sometimes kisses throughout the series are just quick and close-mouthed. That may lead one to assume this country is ultra-conservative and barely touch before marriage….WRONG. Couples are EVERYWHERE here, and it is impossible to mistake them just as friends, if you get what I mean.  As an American traveller in Asia, I know of the stereotype of promiscutity and overall “openess, but I’ve never seen so much PDA in my life, therefore, some stereotypes just are wrong. Couples have hands down each others back pockets, shoulder leaning, kissing, cuddling, the whole sha-bang.

Though I must say, Koreans do a good job of living up to the Korean drama stereotypes, the men seem to put their women up on pedestals. My sister and I watched from a window as a guy ripped the burdensome purse off of his girlfriend’s shoulder, and wore it himself. Seeing men wear or carry purses is very common, almost expected. Korean men go out of their way to hold everything for their girlfriend and provide for her, it’s kind of sweet. Also, to display their togetherness, many couples also walk around in “couple Ts”, shirts that match, sometimes even entire outfits that match. I wonder if their behavior is shaped by the current popular TV dramas, was Korea more conservative 10 or 15 years ago? All I know, is I now understand why single women become so desperate and go on numerous blind dates. Being single here is like having a large, embarrassing sign pasted upon one’s back, not fun at all.

I will upload photos to back up these statements later, I’m on a community computer and can’t save unfortunately.

Well, I just felt the intense need to blog about this point because everytime I go outside I can’t walk 5 feet without running into a couple). I’m off to eat and watch a performance that I will blog about later =D


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  1. wendy
    May 11, 2011 @ 22:48:30

    oh marsh oh marsh (hehe i just felt like writing a comment)


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