One Night in Itaewon

The focal point of foriegner activity in South Korea is Itaewon, hands down. On the subway, I start to realize there are a few more non-asian faces than usual (which usually means just about 5, but that’s a significant number here!). It means we have arrived! Diana and I have visited Itaewon before, just to shop around and see what all of the hype is about, all of the store vendors speak english and there are familiar food places: Outback Steakhouse, Quiznos, and even Taco Bell. It’s a fun place to go and socialize when you don’t speak Korean, this is the place to find most of the natives who want to interact with foriegners and practice some English. At night time though, we discovered it gets a little crazy.

Diana and I had a pretty boring day yesterday, didn’t feel like looking at museums or hiking around, so we only ate and read a book at our hostel. Since it was already Thursday, we decided to head out at 8pm to bar hop in Itaewon (Our hostel is in a bar hotspot, Hongdae, but we don’t speak Korean so we felt Itaewon would be more fun). After finishing my book though I took an unprecedented nap and woke up at 9:30! I thought this meant we wouldn’t make the long trip (35 minutes) to Itaewon anymore, but Diana wanted to perservere. We were so lazy though that we didn’t even change into cuter, bar-hopping outfits, just went as was (which proved to be good enough). When we arrived, it was a little awkward deciding which bar to enter, and we realized on the subway that Diana forget to grab her passport to prove she wasn’t a minor. Hoping to brave our way through that obstacle, we approached a nice bar called Helios. The music was nice and on the way up a white guy already started hitting on poor Diana, his opening line was the magic words, “Let me buy you a drink”. This was looking promising, even though he was a bit player-ish (talking about his condo in Orlando, lol) but the door man wouldn’t let Diana in without id. On the way out we ran into a pack of hot guys going in, and one of them pointed at me and said “Tampa?” (I was wearing my University of South Florida sweatshirt) It turns out he’s a University of Central Florida student, what are the odds? Too bad we couldn’t go in the bar with them, but they pointed out some along the way that don’t check id, so again we were off!

The UN Club: It was pretty dead, but there were free vodka based drinks for ladies before 2am. While we were sipping on drinks, I noticed that the music was really, really good there too, too bad we weren’t in an American club and dancing. After a while, the guys started to creep, I had this guy from Congo, Angel, talking me up and Diana had some other African guy. They are way too aggressive, I’m not sure if it’s because we are foriegn, there for a short amount of time, or because they are African, but creeps in Korea are definitley more forceful. I had to push some guy away from Diana, trifling! Always talking about being in love and how much money they have, gosh. We escaped from there to go into some other bar called Ginger, the Korean bartenders (guy and girl) were so nice, we exchanged facebooks and they even gave us free admission tickets from this saturday. Maybe we will stop by? Anyways, we went back into the UN to take advantage of more free drinks. This guy from France approached and he was pretty normal about it, even left before we had to push him away. Then this Korean business came to me and said the magic words, “Can I buy you a drink?”. I always give them a few minutes of talking if they buy a drink, but this ahjussi (well not that old but basically) was already drunk and a bit crazy, he paid for our strawberry daiquiries and we tried to ignore him. Then he had the audacity to hit on my little sister right after me! Guys can’t go for more than one girl in the same group, obviously. He hit her with the same craziness of heading to a private back room, she smiled and told him to go first, we waved at him, and ran as soon as the perv left the room. If all of that happens on a slow thursday night, I can’t wait to see what funniness will occur in Itaewon tonight. =)


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  1. Steph
    May 13, 2011 @ 12:42:44

    Ew, you miserable wenches, you have to ALWAYS change into your nice clothes even if you are dog tired. I was running on 2 hours of sleep before we went to that pot-head party two weeks ago and sure, that night turned out to be a bust and I’m sure I got a contact high from the roughness going on in my surroundings. And yes, we did dip early for fear of our safety. But, doggonit, I changed into my party best firsthand! Rock on and I miss y’all! (So does Truffles, but I shouldn’t even tell you guys since you’re such negligent mothers….LOL).


  2. Steph
    May 13, 2011 @ 12:43:49

    Oh, and add pix!! Please 😀


  3. marshabarsha
    May 13, 2011 @ 16:52:19

    Pix may be harder to come by soon, I have to find my dumb camera charger….wish me luck!! (will need it lol) And anyways, trust me if we went looking any cuter, we would have never escaped! haha


  4. Jemineye
    Jul 13, 2012 @ 17:57:05

    Africans are generally quite aggressive. I get it firs thand over here and I’m British. I tend to find that Nigerian’s in particular are extremely persistent. “No”, just means “Try harder” to them. But I like your tactic with the old Korean guy. =D

    Either way, it’s prolly a bit late, but I’m glad I found this blog. I’ve been trying to track as many experiences abroad of black women as possible. I’m looking to join the mould some day. =)


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