Clubbing In Qingdao

Despite the fact that I have spent my last two summers in this very town, I have yet to go to a nightclub. A shameful act, I know….I just heard from all of my roommates how the clubs are filled with sex and drugs, I did not want to be stuck somewhere bad at the wrong time and be put in a Chinese jail cell for the rest of my life, so I stayed away. Then one day, one of the American students, Catherine, mentioned that her roommate said the same exact thing, then we began wondering….”If these girls have never stepped foot in a club their whole lives, how do they know what it’s really like?” The switch turned and I saw the light! A group of Year 1 students decided to go that weekend, but unfortunately I could not go due to a busy morning schedule. But I rectified that this past Friday. Diana, Brittany, Amelia, Erica, and I initially went searching for a strip of bars to go bar hopping and flirt drinks out of guys….of course we couldn’t find it, scrapped that plan, and headed over to Feeling Club. It sounds very skeevy, and from the outside it looked empty and not popping, but just a few flights of stairs down and I was in heaven. There was a trampoline like dance floor right in the middle, tables (500 yuan minimum purchase), and awesome techno music. After a while almost all of the American students came in, having almost 30 students we dominated the club, it was American night! A great delight for the Chinese club go-ers. We got two large tables, popped bottles and took enough shots to feel loose and good.

After that, it was time to hit the dance floor, the second we got in there though, you could feel the attention centered on the tall blonde guy, 3 black girls, and 1 Indian-Guyanese….They all were loving it, Diana and I describe the Chinese club scene as a sausage fest, probably because not that many Chinese girls are brave enough to venture into the abyss of sin (a night club). So we were not only foreigners but women as well, their joy was palpable. Literally I could tell because every time I looked up I had an entire audience of viewers, not that I cared. I love dancing, in a crowd, with a guy, alone I don’t even care. But we survived that first time only a few minutes before we scurried away in fear, those guys were grabsy like I never known…I mean no body part is too sacred apparently. Then we went to our tables and made our own dance floor. When the guys finished drinking, us girls hit the dance floor again, thank god there were so many Americans with us because the protection was necessary…I can’t even count how many times I had to be saved haha. I danced with a few Chinese guys as well though, they were not all crazy our anything, I just couldn’t dance with them long because they would start to get ideas.

Anyways, we left the club around 4:30 and we realized one of our friends was unaccounted for. Everyone started freaking out, you know alcohol makes everything such a big deal. After searching the club up & down, calling her hotel room, knocking on her door and still she wasn’t found I started getting really scared. Luckily after an hour of anxiousness a hotel worker opened her door and she was just passed out inside. Good, because I was worried and starving, so myself and 4 others went to the beach to watch the sun rise, and got breakfast at McDonald’s. I returned to my room at 7 something and was exhausted to say the least. Al and all a great first clubbing experience, I can’t wait to try out Shanghai….I have high expectations!


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