Trip to SBS Inkigayo

Just yesterday (5/15), Diana, Boram, and I made our slightly nervous and excited trip on the subway to inner Seoul’s broadcasting station, SBS. Boram knows one of the ex-main producers of Inkigayo, therefore we were about to be let backstage to actually meet the Korean pop stars, I would have literally died. But unfortunately it was a bit too short notice, she could have gotten us in next week, but I’m leaving that morning and Diana’s leaving sooner than that. Regardless, we were still going to be let in “illegally”. meaning we didn’t have to line up starting at 8 am like many dedicated fans. We walked over to the crowded building around 2pm, I felt kind of bad but the VIP treatment was pretty cool, Boram just said her name to security and we were ushered in to watch the rehearsal rather than wait outside.

While walking through the lobby to the stage area, we saw these handsome Korean men with different colored hairs (blonde, red, etc) which usually means idol! But we couldn’t recognize them, recently a lot of new groups have come out so it’s hard to keep up, we later learned that they were Infinite and actually already have a pretty big following. They looked at me and I looked at them and felt bad because my expression was clearly perplexed…haven’t gained international fame yet boys! 😛 Their performance was really nice though, probably going to go big, we shall see. Anyways after rehearsal we had to go back outside, but because of VIP we were first in line and not really outside, just on the outskirts of the lobby, and then I turned and saw B1A4 standing right there, all 5 of them, looking adorable. So I shouted “B1A4!” and two of the members turned and waved at me (the tall one with glasses and another that looks a bit like Eunhyuk from Super Junior). After that, I was happy, but it didn’t stop there, because the U-Kiss leader, Soohyun, was actually standing in front of them, he waved to me first before B1A4 but I didn’t see until afterwards. I guess our blackness enthralled him lol, I am a U-Kiss fan but he was never really my favorite, but now he is because he is soo much hotter in real life. It was a little embarrassing because I forgot his name, so I called his attention back by saying, “U-Kiss leader”…..I know, I know, but it worked and he turned around, waved at us AND I made full on eye contact. When it was time for us to walk in I called his name (looked it up quickly in a magazine) and said “Fighting”, I even did it with the hand-clench, he  loved it and did it back 😀

Inside the show was starting, most of the groups were newbies, except Eru (arrogant), Brian, Heo YoungSaeng, After School, and f(X), but their effort was admirable and enjoyable. Jo Kwon from 2am is one of the hosts, so when he walked up everyone was calling his name, luckily we stick out, he definitely saw us and waved. At the end, f(X) won with their new single Danger and during the encore and Jo Kwon gave an award worthy performance of it, typical Jo Kwon. Amber is full of so much energy, she definitely had the most charisma on stage, and after winning she hugged everyone, jumped on Victoria’s back, and bopped around, so funny.

After the show we all crowded at the exit to watch the vans of the celebrities pull out, some rolled down windows to greet fans, others actually shook some hands. For some reason U-Kiss was making everyone go crazy, their van was so close to the exit, just hopping and walking around like it’s normal, haha. Below is the picture of the stage clothing in their van, we all could see them sitting as well. Soohyun taunted fans a bit, then finally rolled down the window to wave….I’m hooked.

In the end Brian, f(X),  Heo Youngsaeng, U-Kiss, UI, and one other van that I couldn’t see into waved to the fans. A very satisfying day all-in-all~


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