Update and MIA Status

So despite my vow of staying on top of this blog and posting regularly…..I fell behind (as expected!) haha. But I shall strive to better myself and act right from now on. I am going to do 2 more in-depth posts about some interesting recent experiences, like being filmed for this TV show, and also my first night clubbing in China….but those shall be for later. A quick update about me from the last post. I am now in Qingdao, China (have been here for about a month now), it was almost like coming back home. The feeling I had as I stepped off of the plane from Korea was relief and joy at being back in China. It was busy, dirty and all mine! I could understand everyone again, and I went to the hotel all participants of the USF study abroad program is staying in, the second I arrived all of the hotel staff addressed me as “Teacher Lu” a strange, but cool change. My life as the TA has been pretty busy and a bit stressful, I have to teach the english portion of one class (having students that are all 5 years older than me is hilarious), attend the Year 1 classes, and every Wednesday/Friday/Saturday attend Year 2 classes as well, AS WELL AS take a performing arts class 2 days a week for Chinese Storytelling. Needless to say, it has been hectic, the Year 1 portion of the program is going to be done in two weeks, Year 2 in five….I can live for free if stay to be the TA for the Year 2 students, but I am ready for a break, even if it means I have to spend my own money I want a vacation! I don’t know how our teacher, Dr. Shepherd, puts up with this grueling schedule…..a scary man indeed. I love getting to spend time with new friends and old friends though, they are awesome. Diana still needs to change her plane ticket to leave China later, but once she does that, we are heading on a train straight for Shanghai, then going to spend a week in Kunming (Yunnan Province). That girl is so late with everything! She should have changed her ticket a long time ago, always need reminding, drives me crazy.

Trying to get in contact with family and friends back home has been rough. The magic jack has been my communication method of choice, but the internet connection here sucks so bad that the phone calls do not even go through. Instead, I have sent so many emails to my mom stating explicit times and days to be on Skype (and to my sister Stephanie too!) but still I get stood up….by my own mother! Yes, I lead a rough and lonely life. Luckily, my friends at least go online to talk to me 😦 Anyways I will post soon~



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