Spending the Night in Yechao

Two days ago, I taught a morning class, had lunch with a fellow TA, and spent the rest of the day in my hotel….yeah, being lazy! Actually the funny thing is, I decided to rewatch one of my favorite Real World seasons (Real World 22:Cancun)…random right? But anyways, I was being a big grandma, I starting sleeping at 8pm to be honest, but luckily one of my friends, SH, called me around 9 and told me to meet up with him and a few friends for bar-hopping fun. I debated for a second, and decided to take the plunge, I was out of bed and in a taxi within an hour. We swung by to pick up a few 2 friends first, GW and RD, then drove over to meet the rest of them. I think I need to start a money tab for this post because I ran through a lot of money this night…I took one of the classier cabs by accident, so every mile cost more than usual, I paid for our cab and it cost me 22 RMB 😦

Once we got there SH met up with us and introduced his 3 Chinese friends, a larger set man who was appropriately called Pangzi (Fatty in Chinese), a pretty skinny girl in white pants (Feifei), and another in shorts (Mengmeng). At first, I didn’t really like these people too much, they started speaking to me in English first…which leaves me with a bad impression and makes me assume you want a language partner, rather than a new friend. Luckily, as the night wore on they turned out to be really cool and it was all in Chinese. We went to a bar to pre-game for the club, everyone got a bottle of beer, but I don’t really like that stuff, the taste isn’t good and it’s a whole lot of unnecessary calories. But luckily SH and I have the same taste in alcohol so he brought a bottle of raspberry vodka in one of the girl’s purses, he’s amazing right? So we drank and socialized for a while, then SH got a call from his roommate saying that the table at the club is ready and we should head over. As you all know, I have never clubbed in China before 2 weeks ago at Feeling, so this was my first time going to this place called YeChao as well.

We stepped inside and my first thought is I really liked it, most of the songs had a techno background beat, which makes all of them good to dance to.  We got to our table and there were two bottles already brought out to our table, so the drinks were flowing, toasts were being made, and we were having a good time dancing in the VIP section (80 RMB from each of us). Of course, GW, RD, and myself felt the need to explore, so we head for the stage and start dancing around it. Next thing I know this white boy who was dancing on stage tries to pull me up, so I hand him GW. But I guess his friend beside him wanted her, so I hand RD instead (for some reason I didn’t want to go up haha), but he STILL reached for me, so I went up anyways! I danced with him for a while, usually I have this two-song rule for guys I don’t know in the club…kind of like Julia Roberts and no mouth kissing on the job haha. He was a really good dancer though so I stayed with him for a while, maybe 20-30 minutes? All of the Chinese people below were obviously fascinated but I didn’t care to be honest. He kind of reminded me why I only dance for two songs though, because he kept trying to kiss my neck and whatever, I never do anything with a guy at the club, I don’t know about other girls and I don’t care but for me it’s a personal no-no. So I left him there and GW and I went back to our section to dance, then we all decided to go to the bathroom. I had fun sitting on the couches beside the bathroom and saying “Hello/Thank you, come again” in Chinese to the passing patrons. Seeing their surprised facial expressions was priceless. It’s pretty much a blur of dancing and having fun from there, I danced by myself, with a guy, went to other tables…’twas fun indeed.

After a while, I started going outside for a breather, every time I went there I found a new group of Chinese people to talk with outside the doors. I loved having the chance to practice, and they loved the novelty of speaking with a Mandarin speaking foreigner. One of those times, I decided to talk with a few of the employees instead, they were young, nice looking men standing on guard at the door….with purple see through shirts. I am not lying! That’s how I started the conversation actually, “OMG what’s up with your shirts?” They were really nice, I picked a favorite and everything, his name is Li ZhiGuo. While talking with them, another guy came over and started talking to me as well. There was nothing surprising there, because whenever I talk to one person people usually stop, stare, then join in the conversation as well. I talked to him about the employees clothes and what I thought about the club, he was escorting me back to the table when he admitted that he was a partial owner of the club…what?! It was really surprising, but nice because he brought another bottle for our table (free of course) and I had fun dancing with him.

The night went on with some KTV fiasco, a search for GW, a crazy Australian, and so on but that’s just too much to describe haha. Anyways we left the club around 4:45 in a cab to the 24 hour McDonald’s. Somehow I ended up throwing 20 RMB to cover the cost of the cab again (I am just too happy with my money after a few drinks). McDonald’s in China is an expensive, luxurious commodity here in China, I can buy full-course meals here for about 10-16 RMB, but at McDonald’s that barely covers the cost of a sandwich. I’m pretty dure I blew 40 RMB in that joint. Gosh. And Pangzi had his grubby little hands all up in my french fries, I don’t know you like that dude, so I was silently pissed! He even moved my sandwich box for easier access….I was not a happy camper. Good food though, and all-in all a great night…let’s see how much I spent. Total: 162 RMB….Dang! I won’t spend that much next time, that converts to about 24 USD though, so not TOO bad for an awesome night. 🙂


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Wee-Na
    Jun 27, 2011 @ 14:52:11

    Now, you know damn well you were being cheap with the $24 complaint lol! A girl after my own heart. I am mad you guys had to pay pay VIP. The Koreans always get us into that mess for free and they ALWAYS pay for the bottles. Fascinating to see how different they are with those things in comparison to the Chinese lol! I am happy too see that you are living it up and are not making out with randoms. I have that no make out with strangers rule too. I’ve only broken when I was drunk beyond reason and thank god for blackout cuz idk who the fuck they were lol! I miss you crazy!!!


    • marshabarsha
      Jul 03, 2011 @ 13:46:52

      Lmao you are so crazy…i mean to be honest if I ever break that rule, we shall see if I’m brave enough to fess up about on this blog 😛 But up to this point I have avoided temptation~ Yeah Wilna I’m starting to learn the power of being a woman at the bar (you know I cant go in America haha) so free drinks have been coming my way recently 🙂


  2. younginsatiablewanderlust
    Jul 06, 2011 @ 20:25:48

    Lollllllllllllll! Everything, I do overseas I can’t do in America lol! It’s such a shame how easy it is to be carefree when your not on American soil.


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