My Last Few Days in Qingdao

As I write, I am now on a (potentially dangerous) bullet-train to Shanghai. Let me explain this whole dangerous factor first. Last week China made train history apparently by creating the world’s fastest train to Shanghai, it can reach speeds of 375 km/h. Western countries quickly contradicted this statement by pointing out that going over 290 km/h is already almost too high, and warned China to take it slow the first few weeks. So a few days ago, China promised to keep the speed under 290 km/h for now, and increase slowly….though I am not sure why this thing is going 348 km/h now….mysteries of life. But on the bright-side, if you all are reading this blog then I am safe! 🙂

 These last few days have been a whirlwind of activity, this past Thursday my Chinese friends decided they had to spend the day with me (a day long farewell party). As I am in China, this of course meant hours of singing karaoke. In China, everyone has shortened “karaoke” to the simple word “KTV”, I have heard of people shortening it even further now to K歌….every year brings new slang I tell you. Anyway karaoking in Asia is amazing, especially if you love to hear yourself butcher sing classic and new songs in English, Chinese, and sometimes Korean. Obviously I love it! I lost my voice just 2 weeks ago because I went to karaoke three times that week…yes, three times. Being the only American there was a new experience for me though, but it was fun anyways, and I was able to compile a list of new Chinese songs to download~ Following the Chinese characters in a song is getting easier than ever before, I love being able to sing along now, rather than just clap on the sidelines. After we sang for four hours, we walked around the major shopping district in Qingdao (Taidong- It’s amazing), then chose a restaurant to eat dinner. The restaurant itself was not amazing, but whenever you are a guest in a Chinese dinner, you will always find yourself drinking non-stop. It is such an important part of the meal and Chinese culture that I will actually make an entire post later just about it. Anyways, the toasts kept coming, new beer bottles kept magically appearing on our table, and about an hour later we were all pretty drunk. To be honest, at the end, our night of fun kind of became a double date of sorts? I don’t even know how to classify it, but somehow I was paired up and walking around outside holding hands with a Chinese boy….I can’t remember the stares, but they were probably more intense or surprised than usual due to this, not “Oh my gosh, a real life black girl” but “Oh my gosh, a black girl dating a Chinese boy” haha. Anyways we played a few games of pool, made a late night KFC run, and then called it a night. My “date” called in the middle of the night to ask me to drink milk tea the next morning, I agreed, it was enjoyable but nothing shall come of that of course.

That same next day, the Tier I students finally returned from their tour trip (Refer to Lonely All On My Owney post if you don’t remember), Diana and I ran to the train station to buy these (dangerous?) train tickets to Shanghai, and attended the closing banquet for the summer program that night. I am so grateful that I had this TA opportunity, being able to see these students go through what I did years ago is a surreal, but awesome experience. Thank god it’s over now though! No more classes to teach/attend, things to organize, bosses to please, and shows to film. I am planning to enjoy this last bit of summer now. Also, this same day we also went straight from the banquet to my new favorite club, YeChao. Too much craziness and hilarity ensued, and this post would be WAY too long then. The major thing about the night that I loved was getting the chance to stalk speak to my favorite worker from last time, Li ZhiGuo. He was so surprised and happy that I remembered his name; also I guess he has more clout at the club than I thought because he escorted us in, gave us a table, and a free bottle of whisky and mixers. Twas fabulous indeed. Exchanged numbers at the end, but it’s pretty useless in my opinion since we are now in entire different regions of China, he would have made a great new friend though. Well, we arrive in Shanghai in about three hours; I can’t wait to see what southern China is like. I’ve heard it’s unbearably hot and the guys are short…but that’s just hearsay. I shall investigate for myself and check the validity of these statements! Wish me luck 🙂


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