Can’t Trust Anyone

Okay, so I just got off of the phone with someone who (surprisingly) turns out to be a creeper …let me explain. I swear my life is like a TV show drama sometimes, the comedic kind.

The night before and the day that Diana and I got into Shanghai were very VERY rough days, bad luck all around. The night before, I went out to meet up with a bunch of friends to have my going away party. The terrible part of it, though, was getting there, it started raining the hardest I’ve ever seen, and I practically had to swim to get there. The streets literally looked like rivers! Then, Diana, myself, and another girl had to leave the party around 3am to go find a 24-hour ATM (we all had trains to catch in the early morning)….this was yet another dilemma. In China, the schools go on LOCK DOWN after 11 or 11:30pm; the students are all locked into dorms and all gates are closed with heavy, dramatic padlocks. This is a problem for people getting in, and out as we soon discovered. Our first obstacle: We had to wake the “Uncle” downstairs to let us go outside of the dorm, I felt guilty but as I said, we had a morning train ride and only dollar bills to our names. We slithered through a crack in the gate outside and walked to the east entrance of the school (we did a large circle, because the main gate of the school would obviously be locked). After the long voyage we ran into yet another locked gate, which was the first time in my life I had to climb a fence, but it was pretty easy because there was a wall to place our feet for lift-off. THEN we could literally see freedom when we ran into our last gate, it was larger and more intimidating than the last. We tried climbing but it was impossible, so once again I had to wake up the gate-keeper…but he was soo much meaner than the first and wearing only his underwear (awkward). He looked at me and refused to get up, after a few more minutes he opened his door to stare at me and ask (rudely) why we needed to be let out. After I pleaded my case to him he finally, reluctantly, opened the gate for us. By the time we went to the ATM and got back to our hotel it was about 4:30 in the morning, I set my alarm for 6:30am and called it a night.

The next morning, my alarm didn’t go off (Diana knocked on my door at 7:15), so I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off. The hotel printer wasn’t working, so I couldn’t print the confirmation that we paid for our hotel in Shanghai online, Diana’s suitcase handle broke, and I forgot to write down the address to our hotel. I opened my laptop up on the train ride, but my laptop is temperamental and wouldn’t connect to the wireless internet. Diana’s laptop was out of battery and her charger plug was a three-prong, the train and train station after we arrived only had two-prong outlets. With no other choice, I tried to call some friends back in Qingdao to go into my email and get the address for me. My friend was on her computer and everything, all I had to do was text her my password, all problems solved!…but my phone ran out of minutes and thus I couldn’t send or receive messages or calls (I’m just this lucky, I swear). I remembered the English name of the hotel and tried to go based off of this. After much struggle we found someone who claimed he knew which hotel and where it was, we hoped he did because it’s an hour taxi ride and would cost us 200 RMB. The driver was this nice, friendly, older guy- I think he’s around 35. During the drive, he kept me engaged in conversation the whole time, just with questions about school, America, China, etc. I also found out that he is the father of twins (that is like hitting the jackpot here in China, it’s a way to get around the one-child policy legally). The whole time, I’m thinking, “He’s a really nice guy”, he offered to show us some things in Shanghai. He was talking about a place with dancing; I assumed he meant a traditional Chinese dancing show, maybe at a teahouse or something. But then he mentioned music, and he was playing this techno song that sounded more like club music, Diana became suspicious but I gave him the benefit of the doubt.

I woke up this morning and saw that I had a missed call, I called back right away to see who it was, and surprise, it’s my new cab driver friend. Apparently he called because he was in the area of our hotel and wanted to see if we were in, he then asked me what we were going to do later and I said, “Nothing much” so he mentioned something about taking us out. I agree, and then mention it to Diana; we decided it would probably be safer to wait until our guy friend gets to Shanghai so we can go with him too. Two hours later the same cabbie called again, I picked up again and this is how the conversation went (translating from Chinese to English, of course):

Cabbie: Hey, where are you right now? At your hotel?

Me: Near Nanjing Road just relaxing (Actually we are watching TV at our hotel; I lied because why is he so anxious about me being at the hotel? Does he think he can come over?) What are you doing, aren’t you working?

Cabbie: No, I’m completely free, doing nothing.

Me: Oh, Ok…By the way, I meant to call you. My friend is coming in from Qingdao tonight and we have to go pick him up, so we won’t be free to hang out.

Cabbie: Oh is your friend a boy or a girl? (In Chinese saying he/she him/her is the same word, so he wasn’t able to tell)

Me: A boy (why do you care?!)

Cabbie: How about you send your sister to go pick him up, that way we can still hang out?

Me: Oh, uh, well she gets lost really easily so I couldn’t do that (OMG this guy is a creeper?! I thought he was safe since he’s married!)….

Cabbie: Well let’s meet up this afternoon then.

Me: (Panicking) Maybe next time! I am so busy right now, hey, I’ve got to go, talk to you later!

Diana tried to warn me, but I refused to think that this nice, married guy was truly a creep! After I hung up with him, I looked at the time he called yesterday, and tell me why it was at 10:30pm?! Why were you “in the area” and wanted to check if I was in my hotel at that late time?! Thank god I didn’t pick up….now I know my bad luck in life is complete. Now I have to worry about a stalker, creepy cab driver during my stay, I am going to avoid his calls like he is the plague from now on, scouts honor~


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