Emergency Trip To Qingdao

So it turns out that despite my long, overdrawn farewell to Qingdao…I am going back tomorrow. Yeah it was sudden for me too, haha. My teacher, Dr. Shepherd called me yesterday afternoon and asked if I could come into Qingdao to help film another show Friday morning. Flying back and forth between Shanghai and Qingdao, though, does not fit within my college budget (somehow every post I talk about this budget, but money is important!), so they are paying to have me fly in Thursday afternoon and stay two nights in a hotel. I definitely didn’t want to leave Diana out though, so she has to learn a Kuaiban story and come along with me 🙂

This is really a coincidence, because both Diana and I wanted to go back to Qingdao anyways. Diana realized things were much cheaper in Qingdao, and she regretted not buying more presents for people in the large shopping street, Taidong (台东). I honestly miss the things I didn’t appreciate before (non-fashionable people, tall men, cheap prices, good food, and a dialect that is still close to standard Mandarin-unlike Shanghaiese), so we both pretty much miss Qingdao. Also, I am attending NanKai University in August, and they mailed all of my class paperwork to my old school in Qingdao. So things have worked out perfectly. I may even go back to my favorite club, YeChao, Friday night and (hopefully) get another free VIP table 🙂 If my favorite worker is working that night of course. Anyways, I have to go back to studying; I have to learn a new story and brush up on my other two Kuaiban stories…I really, really hate being on TV. Le sigh.


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