Beijing, Beijing. Wo Ai Beijing!

The title of this post is taken straight from the Beijing Olympics closing song, I love Beijing. Take a look at the song if you are interested~ Anyways, yes, I have arrived safe and sound in the capital. It was a rough start (as always with me)…I woke up at 4:45am to finish showering and packing to check out at 6, I ended up checking out closer to 6:25 though because some other customer was annoyingly taking up the front desk’s time. I then made the walk to the subway station, but I had to go two stops out of my way to return Diana and my subway cards (each card is worth 20 RMB so I wanted that money!). The service desk guy was so rude about telling me they don’t start buying back subway cards until 9am, so annoying and a waste of time. By the time I got to the airport it was 8:25 (my flight is at 9:25), so I skeedaddle over to the Air China check-in counter, but the line was so long! I got to the person about 40/35 minutes before departure, a bad thing because they are technically supposed to stop checking in 45 minutes before, but she took pity on me and let me go. Of course, my bag had to be opened and inspected because my shaving cream seemed REALLY suspicious….don’t ask me why. I arrived in Beijing on time, and I had a person waiting outside with my name on a sign, pretty cool. I met Matilda from Sweden and Maja from Poland along the way. The van made a stop at another terminal and picked up about 10 more students, two of whom were tall, hot guys….you know I was on it! haha. So the Irish guy, named Fiarchra, sat next to me…the Irish accent is soooo hot and he looks exactly like the actor James Franco, I’m not kidding refer to my photos in a moment. He’s really funny and nice, so he’s a part of my crowd now~ Other cool people I met the first day include people from Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica, Argentina (they all hang out together and shout spanish songs and whatnot of course), Norway (he was one of the two hot guys at the airport, Russia (this cute, little red-headed girl who takes amazing photos and will give them to us all), and Croatia (I will explain about him soon). Everyone has very different Chinese levels, some have been studying Chinese for 5 years or more and it shows (like the Japanese guys), and others have only been studying for 5 months, shocking but they come from small countries where winning apparently isn’t that hard?  Once I mentioned I was the American runner-up some people mentioned I must be good, I guess America has a reputation for stiff competition?

So anyways, Fiarchra decided right away that he wants to break our 11 o’clock curfew and go bar-hopping/clubbing. He thought I wouldn’t be down (do I seem like a teacher’s pet?!), but of course I was so I helped organize people. There were about 15 of us gathered in the lobby, and to get things started cheaply I first downed two bottles of beer. There was a German guy in our group who may have been hitting on me, but I can’t remember and it’s unimportant, haha. Anyways we arrived at a bar (can’t remember the name), and I was so amazed at the cheap prices, living in Shanghai is WAY too expensive, the shots were only 20 RMB a piece, so I had two to get looser. The Croatian, Ivan, brought me another shot and I thought that was sweet of him, also he’s tall, dark, and cute so I decided to dance with him. In actuality, the dancing was mediocre at best, but I seemed to have rocked his world. Because in the cab, while going to an official club around midnight, I was laying my head on his shoulder and he was telling the Romanian guy that I was a sexy, hot black girl who dances like a hurricane. I don’t mind compliments! But he also was talking about being faithful to this girl back home, but they aren’t dating, because he cheated on her and she broke up with him a few months ago. That’s sweet, but I mean come on, we aren’t going to be making babies, who cares? But anyways I’m not going to push it or anything. I wanted to dance with Fiarchra but disappointingly he was all up on one of the Russian girls, I think they kissed but I was too into dancing myself to be sure. Regardless, she seemed nice, but they didn’t talk today.

Getting up this morning, I had a killer hangover, but for some reason I got up at 7:45am, so I decided to go with the group to the Great Wall and Tiananmen Square. I won’t get many more free chances to go to these places so why not? It was fun hanging out with my group, and getting to know each other more. It was my second time to the wall, but fun nonetheless…and hot! I was carrying an umbrella to get SOME reprieve. We climbed for about 1 hour and a half, then turned around to go back down. Funny enough, I’m really really scared of heights. So when I would walk down, my knees started shaking. But Ivan and Fiarchra were so sweet, they both walked in front of me and alternated letting me hold their shoulders as we went down. With them blocking the view down below I was as scared as I could have been. After that was a buffet lunch, and then we got to walk around the Tiananmen Square area for two hours. I thought I would die of heat stroke but I’m so glad to have done it again this year. At 6:30pm we went to a famous Beijing Duck restaurant in the area and had an amazing feast. If my instincts are right, Ivan was pretty flirty today, but alas it’s a dead-end that may not be worth following, but I do love having fun 🙂

*Photos will be posted soon!!


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  1. Diana
    Aug 06, 2011 @ 13:12:23

    OMG marsh. I had no idea any of this happened. You have to beast it and let me know all the juicy details. I literally LOL’d at Ivan saying you dance “like a hurricane.” I just got the most funny image in my head of you back girl beasting it on him 🙂


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