A Harry Potter State of Mind

Lucky for me, 2011 (this year) is the 90th year anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party!…Are you as excited as I am? Yeah, to be honest, there hasn’t been anything more exciting other than some new posters and statues added in the cities. The reason why this little fun fact is relevant: In honor of the 90th anniversary, China is taking it back to the olden days and regulating western movies more strictly. When Diana and I went to the movie theaters in Shanghai, I thought it was strange because there were only CHinese movies, and Kung Fu Panda II….apparently, western movies will not be screened in China until it reaches a certain number in the box offices. I’m not sure how long this little celebration will last, hopefully it’s only for the summer time. I don’t usually go to the movies anyways, so normally this wouldn’t affect me. But I love my Harry Potter, I’m not one of those crazies who sleep outside of the theater the night before a premiere, decked out completely in Hogwarts regalia…but I have read every book faithfully and have yet to miss a movie. Hell, Emma Watson is even my chosen lesbian crush! (Not that I swing that way, but my devotion is there damn it!)

So I’ve basically been waiting for the end of a majestic era Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows-Part II since mid January, July 15th (the premiere date in America) has been marked in my mind like a holy day. But alas, I found out a week before that I wouldn’t be getting my necessary dosage. Nope, in China Harry wouldn’t come out until August 4th, it made me so jealous reading all of those Facebook updates about how awesome it was even the 3/4th time around, and I couldn’t even get a shot. Unfortunately, by the time August 4th came, I was so busy with Chinese Bridge that I couldn’t sneak out and watch my film. I would’ve went right away, but I need someone else to go with, I have not stooped to seeing a movie on my own yet. Luckily, my friend and underclassman (underclass in terms of Chinese, he’s year 2 and I’m an OG-year 3), Avi is going to come back to China. He also received the Hanban scholarship to study abroad this year, he’s arriving the night of the 25th, so I am expecting to get my Harry Potter on by the 26th (in IMAX because my patience must be rewarded). I am currently in Harry Potter induced euphoria, re-reading the books and watching Deathly Hallows Part I, it has been a bad start but going to be a BEAUTIFUL finish. Preparing to wave a final goodbye to my childhood :’)


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