Registration Process

August 29th was the first official registration day here in Nankai University. Avi and I brought our baggage into the International dorms and got to choose from a list of available rooms, we are lucky because the scholarship pays for housing, so the only cost I had to hand over was the deposit for the key and cable TV (200 RMB). In China, buildings aren’t required to have elevators unless they have 7 stories or more, unluckily for us, our dorm has 6 floors…so that meant hitting the stairs with all of our baggage to the 3rd and 4th floors, haha.

Walking into the room, I saw that half of it was already occupied, by looking at the clothes I can tell she’s African (She’s lived here for 2 years already). She is still on summer vacation and I haven’t met her yet, but she seems really neat and already has most of the cleaning products…I’m in love already! That night we set out on the bus and after getting lost for a while, finally arrived at one of the best chain markets in China, Carrefour (actually a French chain but they love it here). I spent 200 RMB buying food, sheets, hangers, detergent, and all of those great items I miss having, you know, the things that indicate you are no longer a nomad? Over the last few days we have gone back and forth buying things and I love decorating my room 🙂 The only problem I may have are the bugs in the room, every time I go inside it’s something new…just last night I was being tormented by a moth, and it was the most docile of the pests…

This morning I went to the Chinese Language Dept to take a language placement test. On the 29th, there was an interview/oral exam portion and the teachers agreed that I should be in the advanced-high class, but I feel my reading and writing isn’t good enough. The teacher made me read a paragraph out loud and still said I was ready, but I insisted on takin the placement exam so they can test my writing as well. I don’t want my GPA to be effected by going for a level I will fail in, haha. The results will be posted on the wall tomorrow during orientation….truly asian style, having a name list and scores right there for everyone to see! I don’t mind but I know in America it wouldn’t fly. Speaking of the orientation, I got a call on my cell phone yesterday morning and it was a professor asking me to be the student representative and write a speech to give. I couldn’t say no, but now I feel VERY nervous, why do I do this to myself? I just got a call from her actually and she wants me to walk over to the Dept right now for further editing, so all of my studying up to now will be useless because I’m sure they are going to butcher and change it 😦 Wish me luck!



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  1. diana
    Sep 01, 2011 @ 18:17:36

    good luck! Already famous in Tianjin? The Ltd in my office came in and asked if I had a sister in china because he heard of a black student who had amazing Chinese skills and he noticed we had the same last name LOL!


    • marshabarsha
      Sep 02, 2011 @ 03:15:15

      Haha, I dont know about famous, but you should have heard the gasps when the MCs called my name and we got on the stage, it was hilarious! And how the heck did your Ltd hear about me?! Lol, pretty random, is he interested in Chinese or something??


  2. anon
    Sep 03, 2011 @ 20:00:30

    There’s a saying that “we are one to three people away from knowing the same person”. Had this happen to me in Mexico, and Africa, that someone I met knew someone I had met in my own country. Love you Marsha, been following this blog for a while now. Your motivation, willingness to live in another country is inspiring me to live life to the fullest. God bless, and good luck in your classes.


    • marshabarsha
      Sep 05, 2011 @ 10:26:59

      That’s a very true saying! I’m glad that you enjoy this blog, but by the sounds of it (Mexico AND Africa) you already living life to the fullest. I would love to visit Mexico…le sigh, but I spend my money on RIDICULOUSLY expensive tickets across the world…next stop Mexico!


  3. Diana
    Sep 05, 2011 @ 07:30:27

    Nope, he isn’t interested in taking the language. He was just at a World Language Seminar and heard about you. I can’t wait to hear how the speech went. Last time you called a few days ago I picked up right as you hung up…so call! Mummy isn’t too happy about how seldom you call


    • marshabarsha
      Sep 05, 2011 @ 10:23:43

      I dont have internet in my room yet…’s more annoying for me than it is for you I can assure you. I left her a message, and I’m sending her an email right now anyways, hopefully the problem gets resolved within a day. That’s strange that they talked about me, and he made the connection to you lol, small world.


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