Mama’s Got Money in the Bank!

I’ve got that happy, routine feeling going on lately. You know the one I mean? When you finish cleaning your place, have everything in order, and promise to keep it that way from now on?…But of course it’s the same mess in a few weeks, but I don’t dwell on that ūüôā

As my post title states, I finally have money in the bank, and it feels so good~ I’m at Nankai¬†University on the Chinese government Confucius Scholarship, which pays for my school tuition, dorm, and gives me a monthly allowance of 1,400 RMB. It is a great scholarship, but I was on pins and needles these last three weeks waiting for the money. I checked the atm at least once a day, and two days ago, I tried again, but instead of the depressing zeros I became used to….there was a whopping 3,050 RMB¬†in my account. FINALLY! And more than I expected, the first month you get double to cover the cost¬†of “settling in”. Not only did I find money that same day, I found my roommate¬†in my room when I returned. She has been in Africa this entire time (turns out she was there doing an¬†internship), since classes have been going on for three weeks and she didn’t show up, I assumed (and hoped a little) that she would defer for the semester and come back in the spring. It turns out to be good that my hopes didn’t come true, she’s actually really nice (even if a little quiet), and she helped me solve my internet problems. I have been living like a caveman these last few weeks, living in a room with no internet access…I hadn’t gone that long without internet since I was nine years old. Her name is Dana, she’s from Cameroon, and is a neat freak….I’m in love from that alone, haha. She’s a senior here at Nankai¬†studying Economics, I find it crazy that she can miss three weeks of classes, but with the Chinese school system I’m not THAT surprised. It’s virtually impossible to fail out of college in Asia, all of those crazy tests and classes all day long are for before college. Everyone says here, “Getting into college is stressful and VERY hard, but graduating is not”. I think it’s funny since America is the opposite. Getting into college is relatively hard, though a lot¬†easier than here in China,¬†but graduating college¬†on time is practically a 50-50 shot. Back on track: Everything’s coming around and I have a steady rhythm to classes and studying now, plus having money and internet make it all the better.

Monday through Wednesday are reading and listening comprehension days, we have daily class discussions as well to practice our Chinese. The teachers for those days are Wu Laoshi¬†and Liu Laoshi. Wu Laoshi¬†is very nice, and her power points are useful and easy to follow, my only complaint about her is she talks….sooooo…..ssllloow. Well, at least I think so, I’ve¬†been spoiled by the USF¬†Chinese program, the teachers there don’t accommodate¬†us as much, so I feel annoyed when she does. She also repeats herself uselessly but overall she’s still a pretty good teacher. Liu Laoshi¬†is awesome, in her late twenties, she’s down to earth, her speech is a bit slow too sometimes, but not as much. During the second week of classes, we had an anonymous vote for Class Leader (it’s common for every class in Chinese to have one, basically a person the students can go to for help and the teachers give tasks to). I prayed it wouldn’t be me…truly I did. I have this habit of taking on way too many responsibilities, so this year I vowed not to, but alas, it was practically a unanimous decision. So far it hasn’t been too bad, but there have been several more things on my plate because of it. Actually, this Saturday is the class social I organized, a hot-pot social. I hope most of the students come and have a good time, I will let you all know how it goes ūüôā

In other news, I also joined the Xiansheng¬†performance¬†Club three weeks ago. Xiangsheng¬†is a traditional Chinese form of story-telling, usually there are two performers have a “conversation” about a topic, and of course hilarity ensues. October 9th will be the first performance of the year and it is supposed to be small-scale¬†but I am still a bit nervous. I am partnered with a Chinese girl, the skit she chose is called ŚŹćś≠£ŤĮĚ. I can’t think of a direct translation, but basically I am trying to prove that I have all of the great qualities in a Xiangsheng¬†performer, and make a fool of myself as I do so. It’s funny and the script isn’t TOO long, I’ve only memorized about 1/3 of it and have to have it fully memorized by practice this Sunday though…..I guess that means less partying for me!! Also, I just got a call a few hours ago from a Tv station person, how I always get mixed up in TV lord only knows. All that is clear is I will be picked up from my dorm Monday afternoon and record a Chinese song at 7pm. I love karaoke, but I think my voice is nothing exceptional, this should be funny…I’m still picking which song I want to sing, pray for me!


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