Nights Not Planned

It’s always those spur of the moment nights out that are the most fun. Last night Avi and I were deciding what to do and where to go, lazing around at 9 Avi got a text from my Japanese classmate, Lisa, detailing a get together at a local bar called the Basement. We have been there several times before, it’s the kind of bar that go back-and-forth between fun and boring, totally depending on the night. The place itself is in an actually basement (shocker right?), it’s a laid-back kind of bar, with a fooze ball table and full lights. It’s also hard to find because the cabs never know the place but we always find our way somehow (even walked there one time). It was one of those fun nights at the Basement, right at the door, I ran into a guy from Turkey I met before and his friends from Ukraine. I smuggled a bottle of soju in with me (yes, I am cheap) and drank half of it, I must have been feeling good, because I greeted acquaintances as if they were long-lost siblings. We knew everyone was there for a birthday, but it was hilarious because barely anyone know who’s it was. In the end I realized it was the birthday of some one I already greeted as long-lost family, and did it again anyways. I met some really cool, new people there as well. Avi introduced me to a blond guy from Tampa, FL…what are the odds right? We hung out for a while and he seems really nice. After that, I hunted down this Japanese guy I saw from across the room (the brave acts of those in their cups). He had a goatee, baggy pants, and a NY cap, despite all this he looked cool and not contrived. I started up conversation with him and interrogated him in his preference in women, I knew he had to like them black! And of course I was right, I spent some time flirting with him and he’s interested, but I’m not really, just did it for fun. After a few more drinks, we all headed for the best club in Tianjin, Xi Tang (昔唐). Walking over there I started talking to an attractive, Ukrainian guy who was at my side. He’s really interesting not only because of his looks, but because he is Hindu, so he visits Indian frequently and doesn’t eat meat or drink alcohol. I think that’s so cool. We went into Xi Tang, and it was so packed there was any room to dance, but I prefer packed to empty so I had no problems. The first person I danced with was an ABC from my Chinese class, his name is Patrick and he is pure Texan. I can’t remember if he was good or not because it was only for a second. Then the Ukrainian guy, Demi, came around, coincidentally he is Patrick’s roommate, but that is of no real import. He danced in front of me in the way where I know he wants to dance with me, but Avi’s roommate came up next to him and did the same thing. We did this hilarious round of dancing in front of each other and I couldn’t show too much attention to one guy because I knew he would come behind me to dance, which would make it REALLY awkward for the other guy. Sigh, clubbing is so complicated. So anyways, I ran away into the crowd so I wouldn’t have to make a decision…brave of me I know. Demi came after me anyways and so I danced with him since the other couldn’t see and he gets a prize for being more persistent, right? Everything was just a whirlwind of dancing after that, by myself, with people, on the stage, off of it, after a while it became overbearingly hot so I went outside for some air. There I met more acquaintances and strangers from all over the world, all of my friends were up there as well. After a few minutes, I decided I wanted to go back inside, but everyone was content sitting out there. Avi’s roommate, Abu, and his friends were going back in so I went with them. Somehow he got my hand or something, in the end I know we ended up dancing for forever, I thanked my maker for him because he’s good at it and it’s been too long since I’ve had a great dance partner. The night ended with an aggressive Indian, KFC meal, and a nice walk home. I love spontaneous nights out 🙂

In other news, the Hot-pot social went exceptionally well. We met at a famous hot-pot chain, 海底捞, it was the most high-class hot pot experience I’ve ever had. We had two tables, because there were about 15 students and 3 teachers all together. We were given cute aprons, hot towels, and platters of fruit as we got situated and ordered. The food was delicious and everyone had a great time conversing and giving toasts, the service was incredible, the waitresses would hand me whatever before I even knew I needed it, haha. They also put the food into the hot-pot for us and would serve it to us when it was done, good for me because I can never tell when something is cooked. At the end we got complimentary manicures…yes I really mean it, manicures. I said it was a high-class place haha. In the end we each paid 60 RMB, expensive cost for a meal here in China, but I would expect to pay 100 USD easy if it were in America, so I will never complain!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Elaine
    Sep 25, 2011 @ 21:11:00

    Sweet! I’m glad you had a great time! I also wanted to say good luck with your classes this semester!


    • marshabarsha
      Sep 28, 2011 @ 06:10:33

      Thank you! It turns out I will need that luck, I am being WAY too lazy about studying, I’m buckling in and swearing to study from now on…..well that’s the plan.


  2. diana
    Sep 26, 2011 @ 15:46:39

    aiya! Sounds like you are living it up in Tianjin. I have some juicy stuff to tell you so once you get the chance call me. And you definitely have to call mummy. She is thinking of calling Nankai because she hasn’t heard from you in so long!!


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