The temperature is amazing still!

When I left America, I came with only one check-in bag.
It was the smart thing to do, because I spent the summer flying around
domestically in China. Thus, a sacrifice I had to make was bringing no winter
clothes with me. I literally brought only one sweatshirt and not that many
jeans. That’s the beauty of living in China, cheap clothes and things galore! I
bought a few pairs of jeans, a jacket, a few sweaters, and things like that
already. Beijing was so cold, but the strange thing is Tianjin’s is perfectly
mild. I brought a jacket out this morning, but it got so warm that I had to
take it off and walk around in short sleeves. It reminds me of Florida at this
point. Heck, it was colder in Korea in June than it is now, haha. A negative,
though, is that mosquitoes are still large and in charge, I’ve never gotten
bitten all the way into October before…

Tianjin is a beautiful city. Our department, the Chinese
Language Department, organized a full-day tour for us. The most interesting
part of this city is the history of foreign occupation is intense. There was a
point in history when seven countries each had a section of Tianjin under their
control. The first place we went was a section called 五大道. It
was under British control, so the architecture reflects that and also you can
have horse-drawn carriages around the square. I can’t wait to do that at a
later point.

Next to the Tianjin Railway station the area is called 海河, you
can take a ferry across the water, and at night time it is truly beautiful.
Nearby is the Ancient Culture Street, of course you can buy all of the typical
souvenirs there, though you shouldn’t because the prices are ridiculous. You
can find the same things much cheaper in stores along the street, haha.

Last but not least was the Italian Town section, 意式风情区.

The floors are cobbled stone, there’s fountains, and Italian restaurants and
bars. I love the overall feel in that area, apparently everyone else does too.
Because we ran into at least three couples getting their wedding photos done
there. I love the extravagance Chinese couples go to for their wedding photos;
they are so adorable. Speaking of weddings, I have no idea why but my dorm is
next to a Wedding Hall or something. Literally, everyday fireworks are going
off outside of my window…yes, fireworks go off on the sidewalks here. It goes
on for minutes, and by the end car alarms are going off as well. It’s all good


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