Halloween in the Far East?

Trying to have Halloween in China has to be the worst place
possible….well maybe that’s dramatic but it’s in the top 25 list, I’m sure.

I kind of assumed that even if it isn’t an Asian holiday,
everyone would know about the customs and maybe do them for fun here. After
several of my classmates asked me about Halloween, I chose the holiday as my
report topic and gave a presentation about it. They were very interested, so I
am making a “Halloween” Karaoke Party for the class this Saturday. It’s going
to be at 6:30pm at a KTV (remember that’s Chinese for karaoke?) place right
next to our university. I am buying candy, and bringing face paint to try to
make it as “Halloween” as possible. It’s encouraged to wear costumes but I’m
sure it will only be me and maybe one or two people who actually do it….no
holiday spirit I tell you! I had my first shopping failure today though; since
Halloween doesn’t matter here I tried the only store chain I can rely on for a
piece of home, Wal-Mart. After searching I found the Halloween “section” and
almost cried, the section was the tiniest I’ve ever seen, not to mention the
only there was a few masks (and I mean of the mardi-gras variety) toddler sized
fairy wings, and witch hats. Oh America, in times like these I miss thee!

I asked around and found that there should be Halloween
accessories and costumes at a shopping place here in Tianjin, called 大胡同. I
am waking up early on my precious afternoon class day, tomorrow, to go
shopping, so wish me luck! It better be worth my time, haha. I have a new white
sweater that I bought in Beijing, so I’m hoping to find angel wings and a halo
to make a simple Halloween outfit. After karaoke is clubbing, there is a
relatively new club around our favorite club here who is promoting the night of
the 29th, wear a costume and it’s free open bar and buffet….of
course I am on it. Even if the place turns out to be a bust, we plan to eat and
drink to our hearts content, and then make our way back to the fun club. I plan
to have a fun night 🙂


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