Finding a “Dictionary”

Avi taught me a new word last week that I found very
interesting. He mentioned that he felt his Chinese wasn’t getting better fast
enough and that maybe he should find a “dictionary”. By the way he said it I
could tell it wasn’t an ordinary Webster’s edition so he explained that when
you find a girl/boyfriend in your target language they are your instant
dictionary, apparently it’s a great way to learn, haha. So I gave it some
thought, I mean it makes sense and it’s strange that I haven’t found many
Chinese guys I have been attracted to…and by not many I mean zero (counting out
the two or three who had girlfriends of course). I decided to start trying…my

Last weekend, we did the usual routine: karaoke’d our hearts
out, went drinking at Helen’s/the Basement, and then went dancing at XiTang.
The whole night Avi and Patrick (this Chinese American guy I am beasting on,
for those who don’t know beasting is when I force my affections to the point
where it must be returned, haha, works every time) had to protect me from this
crazy African guy who practically stalks me every time I go there, he even
tries to pull me away when I’m dancing ON a guy. Anyways, I turned around and
spotted this cute Chinese guy on a bar stool nearby. With my newfound purpose
and stomach full of liquor, I went straight up to him and started talking and
dancing around. We exchanged numbers and he danced around me the rest of the
night, I could tell he wanted to dance but in the club I’m in my own world,
either you intrude or else I just won’t dance with you…I have enough fun on my
own, haha.

We texted that night, normal stuff like, “It was nice to
meet you” and left it at that. Two days later I remembered him (I couldn’t even
remember his name; I named him “XiTang guy from Beijing” on my phone! But
regardless I texted asking how he was, two seconds later he was calling my
phone, I debated about answering but Avi encouraged it. So I did and we talked
a bit, he seemed nice enough so I invited him to the Helen’s Bar Halloween
Party that night…Mind you this was a Monday and I had a mid-term the next day
in class but I wanted to go! Anyways, we got there at 9pm and it was packed,
and surprisingly people went all out on the costumes front, apparently you can
find all of the cool costumes online ( or people got VERY creative,
most of the stuff was handmade. It was free cocktails and beer until 12 pm, so
that ruined my “not too much alcohol” plan. The guy showed up and he was still
cute but his breath smelled like he ate something not too fresh before
coming…that IMMEDIATELY turned me off. It’s one of the reasons why I can’t find
a guy here, teeth and breath are so important to me, and China is the land
where only the young/hip brush their teeth regularly and braces are not common.
Back on point: He tried to talk to me and do the whole hand on my lower back
routine a few times but I was not having it. I kept pretending to lose him in
the crowd. By 11:30 he gave up and came up to say goodbye, he owns a clothing
store in Beijing which is cool but my first impression (the drunken one doesn’t
count) is a bad one, and he shall forever never become a dictionary.

He’s called me a few times since then, I almost considered
letting him be a friend. He invitied me out to eat, but I had work, after I was
done, he called and mentioned that I should come over to his place….I was like,
“Are there people there?”. He answered no a bit too gleefully for my tastes…so
another one bites the dust. He has called a few times since but I haven’t
picked up. That same Halloween night I MAY have kissed my first guy from Spain
and exchanged numbers with potential “dictionary” #2…but I’ not admitting to
anything. Dictionary 2 loves rap and called me to hang out before. I THINK he
was cute, so I shall give him a text and confirm later~


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Diana
    Nov 11, 2011 @ 20:20:34

    Forget the Spain dude! I’m on team dictionary #2! Did you end up going on the date?


  2. anonymous
    Nov 12, 2011 @ 02:59:38

    I think it will be just a matter of time before you find a suitable dictionary. If you can check out the recent article from SpeakingofChina. So there is definitely a chance you will meet Mr. dictionary in the not too distant future.


    • marshabarsha
      Nov 12, 2011 @ 13:30:19

      We shall see, I don’t know why it’s so hard this time, the other two times I came to China were only for a 6-9 week period and I found plenty of attractive guys…now 5 months in and…nothing! hha, well I shall post about Dictionary number 2 later if he’s important, I’m meeting him in 30 minutes 🙂


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