Chinese Single’s Day Holiday

If you’re single and you’re happy clap your hands! *clap clap*

Sorry for the silliness, but I’m random like that, anyways if you guys haven’t noticed the most epic Sigles Day holiday just passed two days ago. Allow me to explain: In China, November 11th is deemed “Singles Day” because the date has so many ones (11/11), this year’s is epic because it is 2011 as well. So it was 11/11/2011, as I’m sure many of you have noticed. 光棍节 is how you say it in Chinese, 光棍(guang1gun4)is a single chopstick, it’s a term mostly used to refer to unmarried men. Pretty clever these Chinese are aren’t they? On this day single friends get together and have lunch/dinner…you never know you may find a special someone that way. I also recently learned that it is becoming a tradition for couples to give a lollipop to their single friends.

So how did I spend my Singles Day?

I had class and practice earlier in the day, but around 7:15 I met with a new friend of mine at the school entrance. She invited me to go out
with her friends to eat and karaoke after. In Chinese culture if you are invited and you are not familiar yet, it’s almost guaranteed to be free for
you, so of course I accepted and headed over. My friend, Gao Gao, is a nice girl (26) who I met a week or two ago, she is engaged to a British man and her English is almost perfect, but I like her because she still speaks in only Chinese to me. We were met by her guy friend, Wang Yue, he was very stylish and very nice right from the start, his relief at not having to use English was palpable, though he is clearly good at it, haha. We walked over to a nice restaurant 20 minutes away and chatted away happily. At the restaurant we were the first of six to arrive, so we sat and looked through the menus, the place was very classy and expensive. Gao gao ordered dim sum and waited for her friend, Rong rong, who was actually paying for the meal, to come. She was stylish as well and I found out that her brother owns a restaurant and café in town that she works
for, marketing or something. I this point I could clearly tell that they all were pretty and had good jobs…I felt like I was in an episode of Sex in the
City. They were so open about everything. For example, the two last people to arrive were actually a couple who were running late from their hotel run…yes, I wrote hotel run. They both live with their parents (a common thing in China before getting married) and wanted to get an hour of sex in at a hotel while they could, so hilarious! They came in and once again I got the feeling I was in a show, they were pretty, tall, wearing nice clothes and high heels and had a crude-ish sense of humor, there was even the fabulous gay man (Wang Yue-I’m guessing, he didn’t specify)…I loved it! They also did not care how much they spent, I can’t even tell how many dishes were brought out, if one person went, “I haven’t had crab in a while..Let’s get some!” it happened. The “happy hour” couple were very lovey-dovey in a laid-back kind of way, I asked them how long they dated and the girl wanted me to guess. At first I said 2 years, and then I thought for a second and said, “It’s either two years or two months.” Everyone was shocked by the age gap between the two choices, obviously, and asked why I said that. My theory is, either they are in the honeymoon period, beginning of the relationship (2 months) or have reached long-term finally (2 years). I ended up getting it right with the two months…I’m so intuitive 😛 In the end, there was a lot of food wasted, which I hate, but it’s not on my bill I guess.

After eating we went to the connecting KTV, it was not as nice as my favorite one (right across from the South entrance at my university) but it was free so I didn’t complain. Another guy joined for karaoke too, his name is Zhang Jie. We had to wait for thirty minutes because we were late for our reservation and on Singles Day KTVs get packed. After that we got in, the “Happy hour” couple footed the bill while Rong rong and Wang Yue went to buy LOTS of beers, ice cream and popcorn from downstairs. At the end, Zhang Jie brought out a chilled bottle of wine, he works for a wine company in Tianjin so he gave us a lesson on wine tasting and told us why that particular wine was perfect. I actaully appreciated it more than usual, I normally het wine, but I still won’t be able to taste quality difference I think, haha. I love going out with older people, it’s so different from going out with my equally poor college friends. My only complaint about them was that 5 out of 6 are chain smokers, I had to wash those clothes right away and wash my hair, but it was a small price to pay for a great night. Anyways, I hope everyone had a fabulous, epic Singles Day!


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