My Birthday- Bachelorette Edition

It’s official, I’m 21!! I am now of legal age for everything except retirement. Never again shall I be forced to strut into a club with Xs on my hands, now I won’t have to sneak the drinks that guys buy me J I am loving the feeling. Of course, as we all know, I am in China…so it doesn’t really matter, but the sentiment is the same. So my birthday was on November 30th, a Wednesday. Having a middle of the week birthday (especially the 21st one) is extremely annoying. I had to make it work though. I have a VIP membership card for the karaoke place across the street from my school…I know don’t judge me. Anyways, on my birthday they give one hour free, a bottle of wine, and a fruit platter along with the room. A week beforehand I sent out text invitations to 18 of my friends here, half Chinese and the other half being from Russia and America, haha. My invite list had 3 potential dictionaries (I have not given up the search, though my last two dates have left me quite disappointed)., I assumed only one would be able to make it, but all three accepted (uh oh). By the way, birthdays in China are a little bit different, the birthday boy/girl pays for everything, so that’s why I didn’t want to have a birthday dinner, haha. I paid for everything in the KTV but it was worth it, only turn 21 once right?

It was going to start at 7pm, so I got there at 6:45 to get my reserved room and buy drinks, etc. and Xiaolong, Dictionary 5, was already there waiting at the KTV counter. He is a worker at Helen’s (our favorite bar, as you can tell from previous posts) that I met a little over a month ago. We always talk when he’s working, but for some reason I never really really considered him. Regardless, he took time off work to go to my birthday party so that earned him brownie points. He also acted as my assistant the rest of the night, after booking the room, I had to go downstairs and buy the expensive snacks (peanuts, dried fruits, tea, juice, etc) for our room because it was my birthday and I wanted to go all out. He would go around with me and make sure everything was alright. Dictionary 4 came a little bit later with a cute rolling cat figurine as my present; he is someone I met at Helen’s two months ago. He had a girlfriend the first time I met him so I dismissed him early on, but a month ago he broke up with her, so I was back in business, haha. We all sang a few songs, and everyone started arriving, a big pile of presents starting mounting in the corner, everyone was so sweet, I really didn’t expect presents. I will write a final list of what I got at the end! My first taste of legal alcohol was wine that came with my birthday package; I had to document the moment and couldn’t have it be of me with beer….wine just seems classier am I right?

Back to Dictionaries: Sometime after our wine toast, Dictionary 3 came by with a guy friend of his (minus point), he’s a fellow student at Nankai and hangs around in the same circles as me so I’ve known him for a while. His style and mannerisms remind me of the leader of the Taiwanese boy group, Fahrenheit. He went all-out in singing songs so that gave him his point back, haha. But he’s still a question mark in the back of my head. My friend/future-baby’s-daddy Patrick (a Chinese-American) told me that it was like watching an episode of Bachelorette with me. Jumping back and forth and talking to all three of them, I had to give them a fair chance you see. He also just started his career in architectural design, so my gold-digging subconscious put that as a plus sign for him. But, talking with him throughout the night, he was nice but nothing special, no spark. ..but a good friend nonetheless. Dictionary 5 didn’t sing but for some reason I kept going back to sit next to him, so I finally decided on him I guess. Details about him are in the next post.

Birthday gifts:

A pink dozen roses (given by my Japanese guy friend), rolling cat figurine (Dictionary 4), Jar of Hersey Kisses and stuffed bear (a Japanese girl friend), cute bear cell phone holder and photo frames (another Japanese girl friend), bracelet (russian friend), bear pencil case and diary (Russian friend), book of Chinese poetry (Chinese friend), shampoo/conditioner set (Chinese American friend), a gray scarf, whit scarf and birthday cake (Patrick and Avi), hand-painted picture and candy jar (Chinese friend), and hand-carved scented soap. And of course, lots of great memories~~


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