Confusing Situation

I am so backed up on school work it is insane, I have been running around thanks to this competition. Not to mention next week, on top of four huge finals and the competition Tuesday, we have to prepare a class performance for the end of the semester show on the 23rd. I barely am able to come to class anymore, but I still have to manage the performance since I am Class Monitor, and therefore should be a leader. We decided to do a funny upbeat song basically called, Happy to Be Poor (穷开心). During class on Monday, I separated verses and parts and gave each person who wanted a solo their chance to shine. We met this past Friday to practice and get the choreography down, I actually was quite satisfied with myself, did the whole thing in two hours and it will be funny/entertaining if done right. I won’t be able to go to class again until Wednesday but it’s enough tome to check on progress and help with stage directions for Friday. Also, I have to organize the last class meal and presents for all three teachers…I hate my life sometimes.  I’m so tired and can’t wait for this week from hell to be over. Vacation can not come too quickly!

Other than school and competition stuff, my everyday life is becoming more and more complicated as well. A new worker arrived at Helen’s last week (OMG I swear I have a life outside of this place guys, it’s just all of the funny, blog worthy things happen there), and he is so cute, tall, and nice. He’s working at Helen’s until Chinese New Year’s so that he can buy presents for his parents, and he is so shy. Not to mention a student. But of course, I can never even flirt with him because I will just look loose and lose all of the workers respect…maybe. Regardless, I am not going to be that girl. I gave him an english name the first night I met him, so he shall be called Brandon from now on. Thankfully, Xiaolong works day shifts at Helen’s now instead of night, because I really don’t want to see his face, or make the effort of ignoring him. The same night I met Brandon, I felt guilty about my less than innocent thoughts, so I called him, he didn’t pick up but I woke up the next day with a really sweet text message from him. So I felt slightly mollified. That is until I decided to test him on his “I’m going to text more” proclamation, so I haven’t texted him since Monday night, lo and behold, no texts or calls from Mr. Xiaolong. A week is way too long and he is history in my book. Someone who has texted and/or called everyday is actually Dictionary 3, the one who reminds me of the lead singer from Farenheit, popular Taiwanese boy band. I don’t think a day has gone by where we haven’t seen each other this week, we watched a movie in my room, had dinner, went to a coffee shop, etc. But he has not made any untoward moves or tried to hold hands, so I’m confused if he’s trying to be a REALLY good friend, or if I’m being courted. I’m not even sure I want to be courted, I’m kind of sick of men….they add unnecessary drama. Well I will keep you guys posted~


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