And The Gold Goes To…

*drum roll* ….*building suspense*….*continued drumming*

Ok, enough already, me!! Haha, the competition is finally over and I have my regular old uneventful life back. This Monday I practiced my storytelling one more time with my new teacher. I hated practicing with him. He is really nice and everything, but who likes to stand in the middle of a room and perform over and over again while someone is sitting there watching for mistakes….intense pressure. Then I went to class for four hours, then back to the studio for our 5 hour practice run-through…yeah, I know. Then the next day (Tuesday), I woke up early to do my hair, collected my costumes, and we were all driven to the studio. The show didn’t start recording until 6:30 but we had to be there at 12:30. The first thing we did was go to hair and makeup….of course mine was already done, I would love to see there faces if the artists tried to do natural black girl hair. For that reason alone I should have let them, but alas, I didn’t want to go on TV looking foolish. Also, to all black, Chinese speakers, bring your own foundation to China, they will not have our shade! Thankfully I brought some of my own.   I was a bit concerned about them doing our makeup so early, we still had five hours after all, but TV station people don’t listen. Our makeup artists were really nice, but my makeup was BARELY there, stage makeup should be dramatic right? So I secretly had Ruth put some color on for me. Then we played the waiting game, we didn’t een get to practice on the stage like they said, we literally killed time until about 5:30 (playing hacky sack, cards, ect…you can see why we all became close, one month of this and anyone will become family).

Then around 5:30 everything became too real, we started randomly breaking out into our speeches and performances. Each college has 30 students in the crowd, they started arriving too. Side Note: I wore this ugly rented pink dress that I had to wear because I’m a size 10, and in China that HARD to shop for, not to mention everyone else liked it. Once I stepped out in my ugly princess dress the Kenyan singing group was there, and the guys circled around me like I was the fattest goat and they were hungry. I was scared!! Back on track: The show started with our opening song that we made the music video for, the video played in the background, and we did the dance and lip-synced (badly) on stage. I mean the show didn’t even try to make it look like we were singing, we had no microphones! Then ran to change for our speeches. I had so many nerves running through me, would my prop fan fall out of my hand? would I forget my words? and so on. But it went very smoothly, I felt confident and looked each judge in the eye while I was talking so they could feel my “sincerity”, haha. The scores came in and I was shocked, second place! I didn’t think I would get that high. Then we had a section of one minute impromptu…I don’t even want to talk about that part, I did bad because of nerves. But in the end I was still 4th.

Ran to change again, and stress backstage for the talent part. My new teacher makes me doing my clappers in a different way, so I was nervous about messing up (I was so used to the old way). I actually messed up the clappers (my first time doing that on stage), but saved it really quickly and most of the crowd didn’t even notice. During my story I got lots of applause, I said the wrong tones on some words though, so I’m not fully satisfied, but oh well. At the end, the audience got to pick a favorite, and according to that bonus points would be given. In the end, the guy who won first place during preliminaries got first again, but I got second, and I was only behind by one point :O We both got the trophy for gold anyways because there were two “first places”, four “seconds, and the rest “thirds”. China likes everyone to win something, haha. Regardless, I never want to watch it myself, but will put the link up when it airs, way too embarrassing. Also, I need to lose weight, haha.

My friend Victor came to China last year and started hosting a TV show…I would never want to do that. This experience is enough for me. I made 13 new great friends (the other competitors, literally there is not one I don’t like) and checked this off of my bucket list. After the show we were so sad that we made plans all go drinking tomorrow night!~ Unfortunately, right after the competition I got interviewed, during it the reporter asked for my number, then told me it was to contact me for “future” shows….NOOOOO!!! My life is over. Actually, a camera crew is coming over tomorrow to do another interview and record our class performance that I mentioned before (Singing and dancing to “Happy to be Poor”). I try so hard to say no to them but I hate letting people down, and these people are savages! Relentless.

Well just finished my last final today, happy holidays to all, and to all a good night!~


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  1. Diana
    Dec 22, 2011 @ 19:28:33

    YAY! So proud of you! Can’t wait to see the video~


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