Stood Up Dates and Christmas Mates

Watching the Glee Christmas episode as I write this post…love that show!

But anyways, Merry Christmas! I love this season, growing up in Boston, it was snow, dark nights, egg nog, classic movies like Jack Frost, The Scrooge, and The Grinch (oh, how I miss them!), family dinners…..sigh. Christmas in China is different, I’m going to appreciate it more next year, chock full of American traditions, haha. Regardless, I had a very merry Christmas Eve. Yesterday, reporters from Tianjin TV station came to bother me again, another interview, they followed me around for the last two days basically, I am so not going to be bullied into this again…the “famous” life is not for me. I went to Walmart afterwards to buy ingredients to cook Christmas dinner at our “older” friend’s home. Unfortunately, the only dishes I can make are VERY American and ingredients are hard to come by in the middle of China. I’m talking cheese, pastas, salsa, etc. So, I gave up and bought a few bags of lamb and chicken to make. Our friends had the table set up already and we all (Avi, two married couples, one 5 year daughter, our two Russian friends and I) ate for hours and watched a movie as well. We also fit in a few Christmas songs! Not a bad way to spend Christmas Eve.

The only bad part of the day was realizing that Moon (Dictionary 3 who has been calling all of the time) had asked me on a date. Ok, let me go back to the day before yesterday to explain. On Friday, the Chinese department had an end of the semester ceremony; every Chinese class had to do a group performance. Ours went really well, the crowd loved it, I am so proud of the choreography (made by yours truly) that I will upload the video onto YouTube as soon as I can in Hong Kong and post up a link. Later that night, we had a “last supper” of sorts, we all went to a fabulous dumpling restaurant, exchanged Christmas cards, and said a final farewell. I then ran over to the party the Chinese language contestants were having at a bar across town, The Basement.  Our dinner ran over time, so when I walked in everyone yelled, “Finally, Ms. Celebrity has arrived!” Moon was there as well (he’s one of the managers there) but took forever to sit with me and my friends. He gets surprisingly shy around people he doesn’t know, it’s surprising because he performs on stage all of the time and can do basic break dancing. His personality is so out there that I forget his shyness sometimes. He had his arm around me as we sat but I didn’t think anything about it. After a while he turned to me and said, “Marsha, you are really cute”..I laughed it off, but he said it again very seriously. I thought, “Is he trying to confess?” But ignored it, because I don’t know if I want to be in a relationship. Then he left while my friends and I stayed behind. We took over the sound system and got crunk to many songs, I love those guys, we weren’t even drunk and everyone still danced all out. I hope we can meet up like that very often for this vacation.

Anyways, I then went to Xitang to go dancing. I knew Moon would be there, but didn’t think too much about it. When I arrived, he started doing things like holding my hand and being very attentive. He also started jumping around and calling me his girl/baby, I laughed and I’m touchy-feely so I didn’t mind. I was surprised, though, when we sat down he asked, “So does this mean you accept (me)?” I didn’t know how to respond, so I said, “Maybe?”…He took that badly and spent the night dancing with some other girl (who I later found out was a girlfriend of his friend and he was helping since she was drunk). Regardless, I got jealous, so I danced around with a bunch of people, which I regretted later, because they still keep calling. Avi actually scared one off for me, hilarious. When we were leaving around 6am, Moon could tell that I wasn’t happy, so he asked why I was mad. I told him since I came to Xitang specifically for him (a lie but he didn’t know) he should have paid more attention. He kept apologizing and hugging me, but I stayed kind of cold. He then asked e on a date for the next day (Christmas Eve), but I was tipsy and I heard only that he would call that day. So when he called yesterday asking when we should meet up, he was not happy that I already made other plans. I think he is still mad, this is the first day that he hasn’t called or texted….I didn’t mean to stand him up though, so I’m not going to apologize full out. Once again, I am confused about a guy. I just need to swear off men for life, it’s about that time, don’t you think?


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