I woke up feeling great. Winter vacation has finally, officially started. It’s Monday and I didn’t have to set an alarm clock to do homework or run to class, I woke up happy…..that is until I saw my cellphone. So many missed phone calls, half from numbers I don’t know (I don’t pick those up because it’s always TV people or the Chinese Language Dept needing something). Text messages asking if I’m available in the afternoon for more interviews, a banquet tomorrow at 12pm for the Competition, a 300 word required essay about my competition experience (I’m about to tell them to kiss my @ss, I did the school a favor for nothing in return by competing at all), another reporter bugging me for photos that I have taken in China, and my job asking me to go over to fill out paperwork. Ridiculous…not the start to the relaxing vacation I imagined. But oh well, I’m done complaining, such is life.


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