Happily Single

I realized that I left things on kind of a cliff hanger with the last post, what with me heading over to Moon’s and all. But I just need to say that things just wouldn’t click with us two. So I know for sure that I wouldn’t want to date him. He’s a very nice guy and all, but he plays the guitar and sings….while looking at me. I know some girls find that very romantic, and love that sort of thing, but I was born without that bone in my body. Things like having a man stare deeply into your eyes, or hold your hand and tell you how beautiful you are make me laugh. But he clearly is into those kinds of things, he’s going to make me a mix tape (well CD) of his music for when I go back to America, it’s sweet but not my style. As of now, my dictionary search is officially being called off; I gave it a valiant effort, but for now I am happy being single and not tied down. Though, to be honest I do want to sexually assault the new Helen’s worker sometimes…oh if he would only give me one night! Even though I am a virgin 😛

Sidenote: Xiaolong is back to working the night shifts at Helen’s, I pretend he doesn’t matter at all. Just the polite “hi” and “bye” for him, while I am still just as friendly with everyone else. Also, two nights ago he saw when Moon had his arm around me, I took pleasure in his discomfort~~ (Evil Grin)


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