Ready for 2012

I can’t believe that this will be my last post of 2011!! Goodbye 2011, you were a pretty good year, even if a little annoying. I only say that because I have spent the last three days screening my phone calls. Actually, as I write this I just received a text from yet another reporter wanting an interview, I cannot wait to say no 🙂

Another nice fact, as I write this I am watching the Chinese Language competition on TV, it is finally airing. This competition was more trouble than it was worth, I walked away with 13 amazing friends, but a “required” essay about my experience (I’m not writing it), phone calls everyday asking me to perform at Tea Houses around Tianjin (I refused, I am not trying to become some kind of celebrity here), I am student representative once again (so I had to write a speech, that will be given today at 5), and am dodging reporters like it is my day job. Speaking of becoming the student representative, I must elaborate. Three days ago, I ignored the hundreds of phone cals from unfamiliar phone numbers as usual, and then I got one from the international student’s office. They haven’t bothered me before, so I innocently picked up. It was the head teacher, Mrs. Luan, asking me to give a speech on Saturday (Today), it was bothersome, but not too much, so I agreed. Then, of course, came the other requests, she called the next day and asked me to go to her office. I thought she just wanted to get a look at my speech, but NO, she innocently asked if I would be able to do my speech in Kuaiban (Chinese storytelling) fashion. Meaning writing the ENTIRE thing on an eight-count beat and making it rhyme. I then looked at her like she was crazy and told her it was impossible, but I conceded to doing my self-introduction at least in Kuaiban form. She should have just been happy with that and stopped bothering me right? Wrong, the next day (just yesterday) I got an endless stream of calls from her again, which I ignored. Two hours later, a cleaning lady from the International Office knocked on my door, I told her to go away because I felt sick and it wasn’t convenient. I could not believe the audacity of these people. Approximately 15 minutes later, Mrs. Luan herself was knocking on my door…. I kid you not. She came over apologizing but with ANOTHER request: That I arrive thirty minutes early to help the Department with their stupid New Year’s video, not only should I say “Happy New Year”, but do it in Kuaiban form. She assured me that it would only be two lines and since she ran all the way up to my room, I had no way of refusing. I was trapped and mad. So I went to her office this morning to take a look at the lines, and it is EIGHT lines in total, not to mention she wants me to do it in a Tianjin accent. Writing all of this stuff is only making me madder, I can’t wait to escape Tianjin and run to Hong Kong. Next semester, if the Chinese Language Department or International Student Department thinks I am doing anything for them, they have another think coming. Well this post turned into another rant, on to a lighter note, Happy New Year in advance! My goals for the New Year are to go to the gym more faithfully, no more skipping out for a week, and to focus on studying more than boys and drinking, graduate college, and get into the law school of my dreams (Harvard). I am hoping 2012 will be the best year ever! *Praying*


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