New Years Wasted

My New Year’s Eve went very well, in most ways. Let me recount: After posting my last blog post of 2011 (tear), I got ready and went to the International Department’s New Year’s banquet. I had to arrive thirty minutes early to do the Kuaiban lines that Mrs. Luan gave me that morning. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, they even had someone holding the script for me, so there wasn’t any pressure. Everyone stood in a group while I started my lines about what a great department they are, it was funny (there was a line about how the women are as beautiful as flowers), then when I stopped they said a few “Happy New Year” lines. It’s for a video that will be posted on their website (I will NOT be looking that up, though). Then we retired to the next room, I sat beside an older white man, he is an English teacher here at Nankai, and I met his lovely little Chimerican daughter (he called her that not me, haha). As you might have guessed, her mother is Chinese, so she has dual Chinese and American citizenship, I thought that that was impossible, but I guess not. She is almost two, and so adorable, she speaks a blend of English and Chinese, she’s doesn’t realize yet that they are two different languages. I also met the President of Nankai, he was very nice, and another American English teacher. He is black and from New York, he held on to my hand for a very long time during our handshake, and I’m pretty sure he’s interested in me. He seems nice enough but I could never see myself dating an adult, and by adult I mean someone with an actual career and in their thirties, haha. After dinner, I jokingly told my Portuguese friends about my plans to get “New Year’s” wasted, it’s my special play on “white-girl” wasted. I’ve never been able to really party on New Year’s Eve (my mom is a super strict Haitian parent, enough said), so I was excited and ready to start my New Years wasted plan. All of my friends were going to restaurants first, but since I had already eaten I went straight to Helen’s.

I love the workers there, they all know me and whenever I walk in they are so excited/cute. I got free beers right away and got to work. In the spirit of starting things new and fresh, I even acknowledged Xiaolong, I told him that I was sorry I couldn’t return his ring because I lost it, he said it was ok…A short exchange I know, but better than me punching him and telling him how unmanly I think he is (the alternative). Brandon is back working, and I found out his phone got lost so he never received my texts and wasn’t able to text me either! Gosh, I’m in love, though it’s wrong like the co-worker, I know. He works as a waiter instead of a bartender now, so I got to watch him run around taking orders, and drooled over his muscular forearms as he lifted plates. Also whenever he would see me he would put his hand on my lower back, he also blinks in a really adorable way. Ok, I’m done daydreaming now, sorry that you guys had to witness this, haha. If only he would let me rape him….

Back on track! My Spanish friend who did the competition with me came over and we met up with two of my Ukrainian friends. One of whom has pretty, green eyes, I forget his name (It’s difficult) so I shall call him green eyes. I’m pretty sure I mentioned him before; I had planned to kiss him one night but didn’t go through with it? Well we were back to flirting across a table, and I considered it again, but decided against it. I am staying away from boys for 2012 right? And also I was too enthralled by my beloved Brandon, haha. We did the New Year’s countdown at Helen’s, my first hug of 2012 was this crazy Chinese guy, he’s very goofy and always at Helen’s. After A LOT of drinks, we said our goodbyes and went over to Apple, a club that is next to the famous Tianjin TV tower. Apparently, I had an entire text conversation with Moon telling him to go to Apple, he called while I was still at Helen’s saying he’d arrived, I felt really guilty (I forced him out of bed), so hightailed it to Apple.

By the time I arrived, he already got a table and bought a bunch of drinks. I drank some more, there was a lot of dancing, and I vaguely remember breaking it down (American/Caribbean style) on Green Eyes (his friend kept pushing us together). Then, I went back to Moon’s table, drank EVEN more and started dancing with this very cute Chinese or Korean guy….I’m pretty sure he was Chinese but looked Korean. Heck, maybe he wasn’t even cute, by that point it was safe to say that I was New Year’s wasted. My Russian friend’s decided to go to XiTang instead. I happily went along, but my memory of how we got there is pretty foggy, it’s my first time not remembering what happened while drunk clearly. My memory just jumped to being in Xitang, I didn’t even really dance because the drinks hit me hard and one of my friends had to drag bring me home. I’m pretty sure there were tears on my part, I always feel really bad when someone has to leave “early” (it was probably already 5 am) to bring me home, so I cry. So embarrassing, thank God that’s only happened twice in my life! By the way, sorry Avi, haha. When I got back to my room I vaguely remember throwing up (ew), washing up and going to sleep. It was a fun night but I will never get New Year’s wasted again!

Moon called me around 2pm to ask how I got home and if I was alright (I took off without telling him last night). We are planning to take it easy the next fews days, so no bars for us. We are going to watch the Notebook tonight 🙂


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