Got Chocolate?

Last night, I went over to my friend (former dictionary) Moon’s apartment to watch a movie with him. I originally planned to have him watch the classic, The Notebook (a girl’s best friend), but only got through 10 minutes before we got caught up talking about everything and stopped watching, haha. He always so interested in talking about cultural differences, or how to say something in english. It’s common for him to stop us in the middle of our (Chinese) conversation because he wants me to translate a phrase I just used into English. The funny thing is, I can’t do it half of the time, the main reason is because Chinese phrases translated into English are just strange sometimes, like when a friend is leaving you, would we tell them to “Walk slowly”? Well in Chinese we would, haha. I plan on doing a whole post about Chinese translated into English, some phrases are just hilarious. We talked for a while, then I found out that Moon had never seen a musical movie. He doesn’t even know the genre name in Chinese, China must be crazy, how can there be no musicals…it’s a shame, I was raised on those things. So, to remedy his misfortune, I changed the movie from The Notebook to Hairspray. He was enthralled from the very beginning, we actually got through an hour and a half of it before we got distracted again.

I named this post, Got Chocolate? for a reason: during our conversations, Moon kept talking about how beautiful my skin complexion is. I felt flattered of course, then I noticed that during the movie (Hairspray), he would always talk about the pretty black girls. In my mind, I realized, “Oh my goodness, this man needs some chocolate in his life.” I mean of course, who doesn’t need chocolate, right? He even asked me if I knew any black girls (that look like me) here in China that I could introduce to him. That is the third time a Chinese man has asked me that, of course it was always followed up before with them trying to get with me, but with Moon it’s different, haha. I understand his frustrations, he’s only ever dated Asian women, I guess he wants to change things up a bit, but he says he feels shy talking to foreign (black) women because the world view of Asian men is very low. I told him that it doesn’t matter, my life motto is it doesn’t matter if the man likes dating “outside of his race” it only matters if he will like me. Not to mention that I have dated or “talked” with every color of man, though for the last two years it has only been Asians…not on purpose but it just turned out that way.

Sidenote: It is really weird, I don’t know why but a lot of Chinese people (and some Africans) have asked me if I am mixed. I am not that light and I have dark brown eyes/hair, as you can guess I’ve never gotten asked that before in my life, so I think it is really funny. Literally, Dictionary 2 asked me if my Grandfather (yes, he was that specific) was white. Another time, an African man took a look at my afro and thought it wasn’t “kinky” enough to make me pure black, I laughed in his face.


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  1. nicoleh73
    Apr 05, 2012 @ 19:09:35

    I really like this post. I live in New York (Born and raised) and the only people who ask me if I’m mixed are usually African or Asian. I was called “Mulatto” by my Filipino neighbor. I could not believe it when she called me that! I just see a regular ‘ol black chick when I look in the mirror. I guess these people see otherwise!

    Again, love the post and your adventures in China! 🙂


    • marshabarsha
      Apr 16, 2012 @ 17:55:13

      I’m glad you enjoy the blog~
      I find the mixed comments to be so funny, and now that you mention it, literally only Asians and Africans think I am…I didn’t notice the connection before, haha. Just last week a Chinese friend of mine turned to me and asked, “Do you qualify in the race of Black?” It makes more sense in Chinese, but anyways I laughed so hard.


  2. nicoleh73
    Apr 16, 2012 @ 19:48:32

    I wonder what constitutes ‘black’ to them? Is it someone who is extremely darker skinned like Alek Wek? I just find all of this fascinating because it has happened to me quite a bit!


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