Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

That is the policy my parents have raised us on. I didn’t know I had more than one great-aunt until it was time for the other great-aunt’s funeral. My parents aren’t the types to divulge in”unnecessary” information. So I am on Skype right now and laughing about all of these “crazy” Chinese and Africans who think I’m mixed when my mom said, “But some of our family ARE white.” WHAT?!?! Apparently, my grandma’s mother was white Haitian, and her father was SUPER dark, so she came out normal….according to my mom, haha, though I’m sure genetics are more complicated than that. And my dad came around the corner mentioning how his mom was part West Indian (which would explain her hair that went down to her lower back). I look full black, so this doesn’t even matter, I just think it’s hilarious that I can still learn new things about my family tree (important things) at age 21. Yes, my family is special like that.


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