Goodbye Tianjin! (For Now)

I celebrated my semi-last day in Tianjin yesterday. I woke up early to go to an hour of work, Lord knows I need money BADLY, but that is beside the point. Then, around 3pm, a reporter from the Tianjin Radio Station came to Nankai to interview me. As you all know, I am ducking and hiding from this spotlighted, famous life, BUT I’ve never done a radio interview and I was curious. I gave her a copy of my Xiangsheng performance (a Chinese comedy art form) and while I was doing that, she took the opportunity to interview my introverted roommate about her feelings about China and me. It was hilarious, I was laughing at her in the corner the whole time. She’s been on TV and the newspaper now because of me, and she doesn’t enjoy it~ But it’s ok because we laugh about it afterwards. Then the reporter and I went into another room to continue my HOUR long interview, it was chock full of the annoying questions I always get asked but have yet to prepare a pageant perfect answer for: What is your favorite part about China? What was your most unforgettable experience here? What funny things or mistakes have you made while learning Kuaiban/Xiangsheng? I always get through those questions, but I really should start making up a standard answer instead of winging it every time 😛

After the interview (which I will never listen to), I got a call from Moon talking random nonsense, he is crazy sometimes, and he invited me over for another movie. But yesterday was my last night before an eight-day drought, aka, not being able to see Brandon. So I declined and told him to go to Helen’s instead (I also invited my Japanese girl friend, Yumi, and Korean with amazing Chinese, Li JunYou). I arrived at 10pm and was shocked by how packed it was, it was a Monday night after all, but I guess everyone has vacation from their jobs still. Lucky for me, I ran into several people I knew, so I got a seat at some tables anyways. But (being a poor college student), I quickly spotted my older, working Chinese friends…and you know what that means, free drinks! I took Yumi and Li JunYou over, and started playing a bunch of fun, Chinese drinking games. I’m not going to lie, they all involve math, crazy right, who drinks and does math at the same time? Chinese people, that’s who. The first person I saw when I walked in was Brandon, but I didn’t want to look to ready, so I sat down with my friends first, then he came over and hugged me, tehehe. I’m so in love for a girl who just gave up men, don’t judge me. Whenever I would get up to grab something or go to the bathroom, we would stop and talk, I must say, he is actually flirting now, he does the touches and close distance and everything…gosh, I hate him 🙂 When I didn’t get up for a while, he came over to my table with a cup of whisky and coke (and he doesn’t usually drink) to “accompany” me as I drank. I was delighted, but Li JunYou is a MAJOR cockblock, to everyone (Avi can attest to this). The second Brandon came over, he started a deep, long conversation about his girlfriend problems…Don’t get me started on that, he has met this girl a week ago, and they are in a deep relationship already, I’m talking virginity loss (on his part) and everything. But now he regrets getting a girlfriend or something. Whatever, not good enough to keep me and my man Brandon from conversing/flirting. Then after 10 minutes Brandon had to go back to work. But oh well, he hung around while I was leaving and gave me a big hug, his hugs are the full-body kind, I enjoy them.

During this time, I was civil with XiaoLong as usual, and tried to keep the flirting to places he couldn’t see from behind the bar. I’m not a monster or anything, I already rubbed Moon in his face. Speaking of Moon! He dropped by to see me because he knows I won’t be around for an entire week, and we see each other everyday, so he had to, haha. He was sweet, and hugged me for a long time, but had to leave because there were no tables for him and his friends. Back to Xiaolong, I ordered an omlette, and he delivered it to me himself, he’s a bartender now, not a waiter so it was strange. Also, he took the time to touch my back, I did not like that because he gave up any and all rights to touch me when he couldn’t be bothered to pick up the phone. I kind of get the feeling that he might have been doing the same to me, seeing how long it would take me to text I mean, because sometimes he tries to act like the victim. Maybe he thought I decided he really wasn’t good enough for me? I don’t care, I need a man not a boy in the long run, so he’s not even on my dating horizons! Now I’m all about Brandon….even though I have given up men 😛

Now, I have to prepare for my 8pm train to Beijing, where we will be spending the night in the airport, becasue we have a morning “international” flight. Gosh, I have NOTHING prepared, I haven’t even googled Hong Kong’s best tourist attractions, I am the most laid back traveer. I believe in going where the wind takes me, so to speak. I will et you all know how it goes~


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  1. Lillyanna
    Jan 04, 2012 @ 05:30:40

    I Love your blog and you keep up with it, you make me so happy when you post lol
    I’m a college student and plan to go to Asia one day and your adventures makes me less worry about it. I’m African American & dark skinned like alek wek’s complexion and the Asians in my campus don’t acknowledge my existence no matter how much i try to be in their “crew” except this one Korean girl. So i’m scared but hopeful cuz i love adventure and Asian food! . P.s I know about strict parents thing —–>Sudanese parents -_______- Anyways much love!


    • marshabarsha
      Jan 05, 2012 @ 05:47:06

      Thanks! I’m glad you are enjoying it, it will encourage me to post more often 🙂
      Which city/state is your school in? That might make a difference, because the Asians in Florida love having a diverse group of friends. I think half of my friends are Asian, haha. And I know many darker girls that hang out with Asians as well, so don’t worry just becasue of that. Regardless, don’t give up the dream, Asia is amazing~ And your parents won;t be there to control too much 😛


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