Apple Hostel

The cost of living is incredibly high in Hong Kong, including their hotels and hostels. Luckily, we found a hostel online with a bearable nightly rate, which was 21 USD. Unluckily, it is in a pretty seedy part of town, which also happens to be a really big famous party district, called Tsim Sha Tsui. When my Hong  Kong friend heard the building we were staying in he really scared me, the people living here are shady and most of the hostels are dirty. I was apprehensive when we arrived, but wanted to see it for myself. There are a lot of Indian men standing at the ground floor entrance trying to sell you things, purses and watches in the daytime, and the stereotypical marijuana and hash at night. Our room is also very small, but it is actually very clean, and we have two locks, not to mention high-security in the Apple Hostel office. So I feel relatively satisfied, with a price like that in Hong Kong, having a clean place to lay my head is all I really ask for, haha. Also, we are VERY conveniently located, everything worth going to is only 2-4 subway stops away 🙂


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