Touring Around

Walking around, Nastya really wanted to eat bakery food, so we walked in search of one. I personally didn’t care what I ate, so I grabbed a chicken &celery sandwich from 7-Eleven and was good to go. By the way, 7-Elevens are so freaking popular in Hong Kong, there are more 7-Elevens than McDonalds…it’s hilarious. Anyways, we still walked around in search of the ever allusive bakery, when we took a staircase to cross the road and stumbled upon a shopping mall. There was Calvin Klein, Gucci, and more, twas heaven. What’s even better is that the Christmas/ New Year’s season is sale season here; I can’t wait to come back here when I’m rich. It will be soo awesome.

Since sale priced brand names are still out of our college budgets, we moved on and walked to the Arts Museum we saw across the street. The building itself was interesting and artistic, so I fully anticipated the exhibits within…BUT it was closed for redecorating. So we walked around the back and found that we were on the famous Avenue of Stars, on the floor was stars with signatures and hand prints of famous Chinese actors and actresses. It borders the coast, and the other Hong Kong Island, Central, could clearly be seen, a great photo taking place. We walked, found a Starbucks, and then made our way over to the Museum of History (I told you all that our hostel’s location was awesome, all of this in walking distance).

I usually don’t like history museums, I find them to be boring and dry. Just a bunch of old pottery and clothing in glass, but the Hong Kong one pleasantly surprised me. It has three floors, the first started before human activity, with fossils and dinosaur bones, and then moved through the Paleolithic and Neolithic Ages. The English descriptions of the items had no grammatical errors and made perfect sense…a novel idea in China. Also, they were interesting, pointing out how those people lived there lives, and things like burial traditions. The second half of the 1st floor had many replicas of Chinese traditional weddings, ceremonies, and festivals. These things were so funny and interactive that we spent an hour and a half of this floor. The museum closes at 6pm, so we ran out of time, but didn’t regret it, haha.

Then we met up with my friend Justin. I met him in America last year, but he was born and semi-raised in Hong Kong. He is a great partier and a funny person, so I was excited to go out and get dinner with him. He took us to a seafood restarant that was technically outside. The appetizer came out, it was semi-raw cockles, and by semi-raw, I mean they were boiled but not completely dead so I had to go savage and kill my own food…I screamed as I poked into the shells, those poor babies, but they were suffering and someone was going to eat them anyways, right?

The next day, we met up with my Japanese friend Koki. He is a Japanese Diplomat learning Chinese in Nankai in my class, he actually just started working so he’s not even old, just 24, so I think he is impressive. Also, he is hilarious, I am so glad that he is in Hong Kong traveling at the same time as me. So we both don’t have cell phones, Mainland phones don’t work in Hong Kong, so when I go out I have to plan the day out, complete with times and places, with everyone beforehand. It’s a hassle but there’s no other way right now. So I told him I wanted Mexican food, and we planned to meet in front of a place in Central called El Taco Loco at 1pm. Of course, the place was so hard to find, so we ended up arriving at 1:30, but it was okay, we ate and talked for almost 2 hours, we had nacho appetizers and quesadilla and enchilada entrees. I was so happy. Being an American, going so long without Mexican food is almost a cardinal sin; I shall never go so long again. Then we went to a huge mall to watch the new Hollywood movie, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. It was soooooo good. I was jumping and waiting in suspense the entire time, if you haven’t seen it yet, I fully recommend you do. I will probably go see it again too, haha.

It ended later than expected, and we were almost late to meet my friend Sun Tong at the pier to take a cruise on the Victoria Harbor and watch the 8pm light show. So we ran around, took the subway, and rode a taxi the rest of the way. The unfortunate part was, I told Sun Tong to wait for me at the main entrance of the Convention Center right beside the pier, but I didn’t anticipate how big the Center was. We walked to so many entrances and still couldn’t find her, eventually we gave up and had no way to call her, it was a sucky situation. Regardless, we grabbed a bite to eat, and then went to Hong Kong’s beer street. Which I will write a post about later. I am tired and need to be well rested for our full day of touring.


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  1. wil-na
    Jan 08, 2012 @ 01:55:43

    Those 7-elevens are super popular in Korea too! I have 3 within walking distance from me and my street is super small. BTW, your blog is 100% more interesting then my own! Ugh, I need to get active again lol!


    • marshabarsha
      Jan 09, 2012 @ 14:56:26

      Oh please, your blog is funny and interesting…we are always our own biggest critics!…and our mothers, or maybe that’s just mine *shrugs* I have two 7-elevens in walking distance too, haha, it’s wierd, they are more obsessed than America, and isn’t it an American company?

      Btw, I would approve of you getting a little crazy active, but you could always just wait until you get here to start 😉


  2. wil-na
    Jan 15, 2012 @ 18:23:11

    lols, nah my parents are a trip which why life has been pg 13c for me unless alcohol is involved of course lol!


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