I’m On A Boat!

I’m on a boat mother******, don’t you ever forget!

Sorry, one of my many crazy moments, though I must say that I literally am on a boat at this very moment, haha. We have been riding boats non-stop since the day before yesterday, or so it seems. Two days ago, we woke up early and took a walk to the Avenue of Stars for more last minute photos, we ran into a lot of Chinese couples taking their wedding photos. It was so sweet and I loved seeing how happy they were, even if a little jealous, haha. (I don’t know why, I just turned 21 so it’s not like I want to get married even in the next five years, just human nature I guess right?) We then made our way to the Museum of Art. It was wonderful in many ways and strange in others, typical of an art museum I guess. The top floor was a special exhibition by a Chinese artist who loved using dots and stripes; his artistic style was definitely minimalistic. Some of his paintings had me thinking, “Does a few brush strokes and dots really equal art??” while others were amazingly done. Another of my favorite exhibitions was a comparison between Chinese painters and Western painters during the 17 to 1800s. Many of them showed how Chinese painters would try to imitate certain techniques and styles of artists, failing sometimes and succeeding others. I also noticed that Chinese painters had a real problem with painting perspective then, there would be up to five vanishing points in one painting sometimes.

After that, we took a 5 minute walk to the Space Museum. It was considerably smaller than the art one but I loved it because there were many detailed descriptions of how different ancient societies (Egyptians, Chinese, African, etc) viewed the sky. They would use myths about Gods and spiritual beings to describe the creation of Earth and natural phenomena, like eclipses and meteor showers. As a child, I had a huge book of Greek mythology that I read over and over again, so I got very nostalgic, it’s all so interesting. Also, they had areas describing science fiction in novels and movies, how it all started from curiosity of what was “out there” (aka aliens). Of course, there was also boring stuff, like the first rocket, what space programs do for us, satellites, walking on the moon, blah blah blah, haha.

Then we took a 10 mintue boat across the harbor to Hong Kong Island, getting from Kowloon to Hong Kong Isalnd (where Central is) is very convenient by boat, it’s 10 HKD cheaper than the subway across and a better view. Then we took a boat cruise, which seemed pretty redundant after taking a boat, I mean who takes a boat to the boat cruise? But we had no choice, I didn’t want to let the tickets my friend gave to me as a gift go to waste.

The next day (yesterday), was our last day touring in Hong Kong….there were even more boats! We checked out of our room and left our luggage at the hostel to continue sightseeing. We took a boat to Central again and then took another boat to one of Hong Kong’s outlying islands, LanTao. It cost 26 HKD and took about 25 minutes, I had my computer and a downloaded book to keep me entertained. Then it was a 30 minute bus ride to the most famous sight on the island, The Big Buddha. I’m sure that doesn’t need any further description, haha….it’s a very big Buddha statue on top of a hill. In fact it’s one of the biggest Buddhas on Earth, which is why we had to see it. The scenery was nice, and on the way down we had a famous LanTau dessert, Tofu Flower (豆腐花). We took a subway back to Kowloon (which turned out to be cheaper, just 16 HKD…live and learn) and found an Outlet Mall. We couldn’t resist and spent an hour shopping. I am so proud of myself, I only bought a cute pair of shorts from Mango for 75 HKD.

Then we hurried over to Apple, picked up our bags, and walked to the Macau ferry. It only took one hour and we were practically in a new country again. I say this because having to go through customs twice and fill out departure/arrival cards (to me) equals a new country. On the overall basis Macau was nice, definitely not as Vegas-y as I expected though. There were a lot of casinos and most of those buildings were lit up in the casino manner, very pretty, also, our hotel was awesome, it was 21 stories and there was a pool, gym, and casino. The only negative was how cold the room got at night, THAT was annoying. Anyways we went out for dinner and found the biggest Casino in Macau to waste away our money. We both gave each other 200 HKD limits. The feeling as we first walked in could only be described by intimidated…it was huge, gold and lights everywhere, and hundreds of different gambling tables and games. We don’t even know how to play poker correctly, let alone everything else, I saw Russian Roulette, Sic Bo, Craps, and many more. To loosen up we went to a machine, it cost 30 HKD for one try, we had no idea what winning was (there are so many pictures and we had no idea which combo meant winning or losing) but were confident that w would be able to tell by the music…I lost of course. Haha, then Nastya and I quickly decided to learn Russian Roulette, what better to do with a Russian companion? It’s actually a fun game, we stood by a table and asked the dealers questions until we understood. But we were still reluctant to throw down serious cash. Then back to slot machines, and Nastya lost, then it was my turn and guess what? I won 150 HKD, I felt bad since it was literally the machine Nastya used, but I was just luckier. As was proven throughout the night. We played small stakes Russian Roultette and I won many more times than Nastya, she actually ran out of her 200 HKD pretty early while by the end of the night (1:30am) I still had my original 200. I didn’t end up winning anything, but not losing money feels good too right? What I learned from that trip is I DEFINTELY think gambling’s a waste of time, and want to go to Vegas when I get back to America…for the entertainment and shows (that was what Macau was lacking).


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