Things That I Noticed

Hong Kong was different from Mainland in many ways, so I’ve decided to make the list while everything is fresh in my mind:

It was so much cleaner….even the water at the harbor was clean and blue, I was pleasantly surprised. This is probably because of the strict law enforcement in Hong Kong. Literally, if you were seen dropping a cigarette butt on the street you were fined 1,500 HKD. Don’t even get me started on littering…

They enforce social etiquette… to the point where I know Americans would hate it. Very often I saw signs prohibiting spitting, farting, coughing without covering one’s mouth. They were hilariously specific.

Obsessed with disinfecting…. Not a bad habit (I wouldn’t complain), but it was funny, literally in public bathrooms they would have signs like, “Door knob disinfected 28 times a day”, “Bathroom cleaned every 2 hours”, etc.

I didn’t have to squat at a single toilet…. I know this may seem strange, but going an entire week with only “Western” toilets was a novel experience.

Traffic is on the wrong side…. or at least that’s how it felt to me. Everyone walked on the left hand side, probably because they drive on the right side? I mean, in America we drive on the left, but when walking we all walk on the right, why is that?

I was never sure if I should speak English or Mandarin with people…. As we all know the language of Hong Kong is Cantonese, but thankfully they all speak Cantonese along with English or Mandarin (sometimes even both). Before asking a question I would first ask, “English or Mandarin?” haha.

I had to censor myself…it has to do with a lot of them speaking English, living in Mainland for the past few months I’ve become spoiled, I could say something totally outrageous or a bit TOO honest to my friends in fast English and no one would understand. Not the case in Hong Kong, I can’t even remember what I said one time (knowing me it was crazy) and an old man beside me started responding in English to my comment. I ran away as fast as possible in embarrassment.

No English errors on signs

People are more patient…..or so it seems since they actually line up, and drive carefully, no nonsensical honking for them. Also, in the subway people would let people get out before walking on (there was never the stupid standoff seen in MAinland, where people can’t get on or off because they lack patience) I would sometimes forget myself and find myself cutting and remember I was in Hong Kong and get to the back haha.

People were less friendly…at least in comparison with Norther Chinese people. Also, if you stop someone on the street to ask for directions people get suspicious and don’t like stopping. (With a big city like Hong Kong I guess there are too many con artists)

The subway system is amazing….Each station was like a shopping mall, there would be pastries, clothing stores, 7-Elevens (of course). Not to mention cool advertisements for movies and whatnot.

Living there is expensive! It made me appreciate Tianjin more when I got back the other day. Cabs start at 8 RMB (rather than the Hong Kong ones which start at 20), not to mention McDonald’s is cheap there (the cheapest meal I found in Hong Kong cost about 30 while in Tianjin that’s the most expensive). Regardless, Hong Kong had both good and bad, and I’m glad to be back to my dysfunctional home~


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