Out of Commission

I know, I know….my last blog update was SO long ago. But first let me explain and then you guys can judge. After Hong Kong I had a few lazy days, but only one or two before I started my job….*cough* I mean volunteer job with an English language camp. I am in China on a student visa, so working is not allowed, so of course I would NEVER do anything that I’m not allowed so I “volunteer” at a certain place. It was a five day winter camp, where the students are not allowed to speak Chinese (though of course, since they lived in dorm rooms, I don’t believe they actually did it) and had 6 hours of English class every day. In total I only taught 12 hours of classes that week, but in fact spent the whole day on site, because we had breakfast, lunch, and dinner with the students. Not to mention an English corner everyday and activities, like movies and games. Also, I’m the Queen of procrastination so I didn’t prepare class lessons until the night before or morning of. The students were adorable, there were a few crazies but eventually they even became endearing, haha. If I had not been volunteering I would have been paid 4,500 RMB, not bad and I did enjoy the experience. I’m really good friends with the fellow foreign teachers and I would have done nothing important at home anyways. The funniest realization I made that week was that that was the longest I went without drinking in a long time. At least in a few months, oh gosh, I’m on the road to alcoholism…not really but still. Then the morning after I got back, I stretched, happy to find myself in my own bed…and heard a resounding crash. It was the crash of my beloved laptop making close acquaintances with my floor, screen side down. It’s not a far drop at all, so I picked it up thinking that there would be no problem. BUT the screen stayed black while the computer itself turned on with no problem.

As you all may know, I’m pretty ok with breaking things (remember my camera?) and it wouldn’t have been a problem, but as usual, I am a very lucky girl. That morning happened to be Chinese New Year’s Eve, so NOTHING was open. Let alone the little computer repair shops around. And let me tell you, Chinese people are dramatic about the holiday; all of the restaurants, street vendors, and everything were shut, for an ENTIRE week. The only places open were McDonalds, KFC, various western fast food chains, and Wal-Mart. All places that could not help my poor, little computer. So I spent the last week completely internet free, I never realized how empty life can be without internet until it was gone, haha. To fill up my time, I spent a lot of time hanging out with friends; I watched two Chinese movies (one of which was really good, called The Great Magician), watched TV, cooked, and made many new friends in Helens. There was an awkward encounter with Xiaolong (we are on speaking terms now, and I don’t know why I liked him in the first place), Dictionary 1 was there one night (he spent the whole night trying to connect eyes with me), and a kiss with a funny Chinese guy who’s going to Africa to work for three years. Don’t ask about him, I’ve known him for a few weeks and one night decided that I wanted his black girl card? That’s the phrase I started using for being the first black girl they kiss, haha. I find it to be much more elegant than a man who collects V cards if you know what I mean. I almost considered making him into a Dictionary, but he’s leaving in under a month, and to be honest I’m still crazy in like with Brandon. We texted a few times during this break, but he’s back home and won’t be back in Tianjin for another few weeks. I promise from now on to be a good girl and wait for him to come back, at least give him a chance to bring me on that kind of date he mentioned….

In conclusion, Spring Festival (the Chinese New Year) was annoying because of all of those closed shops (and my computer woes), but the lack of crowds was a nice bonus. All of my Chinese friends mentioned how one should never go out during Spring Festival because of all of the people. When in actuality, since no one goes out there are no crowds; I had a seat on every bus this past week. I will be writing a special post on Spring Festival. Forgive me for the crazy, confusing condensed post right now, but this was the best way to get everyone up to speed! I promise to be better from now on ~


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  1. Lillyanna
    Jan 30, 2012 @ 21:10:30

    Thank God your back i was starting to worry that you were too busy for this blog or worse abandon it …pheww that was a close one lol.
    p.s your friend who is coming to visit from Korea ,if she doesn’t mind can you interview her on her experience and Kboy’s & just being African in Korea or does she have a blog?


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