Creeper Alert

Creeper Alert: Three nights ago, my good friend Alex came back from his 10 day trip to Japan, so of course we celebrated with a trip to Helen’s. It was a hilarious night because he got pretty wasted, it was also his 21st birthday celebration since he didn’t celebrate it right in Japan (no drinking). Percy was there also, he’s the Chinese frined of mine who studied in Australia and has really cool eyes, they remind me of TOP from Big Bang. Everyone comments on them, even Asians, haha. I got over being mad at him, he told Alex that I’m a bad kisser, when in actuality HE was the bad kisser, he attacked me with his tongue and so I just stood there (in shock)! I must defend my honor, haha. But I digress, about the creeper: the whole time we were in Helen’s I kept seeing a tall, black man looking at me from the corner. I wasn’t sure, because it was dark the first time I met him, but I was pretty sure it was Biggy. An American (or wherever he’s from) who hit on me two months ago in Xitang. After that night I never encouraged him, actually I barely “encouraged” him that night, just smiled and politely answered questions. Well I must be a vixen because he kept calling and texting after that, I even made Avi pick up one time to scare him. I hoped he wouldn’t come up to me, men have pride right? But he approached me at the bar and said, “Well, don’t you look familiar?” I looked right back at him and said, “Really? Because I don’t think we’ve met”. A normal guy would have left insulted, but he stayed the course. At the end of the night he got my number (again!) and asked me when I would be free, I gave a vague answer and told him to call me. He said, “But you won’t pick up”….If he knows I won’t pick up then why bother asking?!? Did he think he could manhandle me into liking him? Haha, and surely the next day he called and texted. Why do the ones I would never like like me?


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  1. wil-na
    Feb 23, 2012 @ 18:52:45

    “Why do the ones I like never like me”? Story of my motherfuckin lifeee! Tell Alex I said “hi”!


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