Good Night Out

Finally the semester is going to start!

Winter vacation in China is very different than the one’s I experienced in America. Usually vacation means more people out clubbing, drinking, or doing anything….well not in Tianjin it doesn’t. A lot of the Nankai students are “out-of-state” so once break hit there was a great wave of young folk who left, not to mention all of these holidays during the break are family holidays. So everyone holed up at home and didn’t go out to play. The clubs and bars had been dead for a month, but starting yesterday, things picked back up again! It must be because school starts on Monday….Anyways I met some friends for lunch at the commercial district, Bin Jiang Dao. It was surprisingly cold, and I took forever to get there, so as an apology (they looked so pathetically cold!) I paid for the meal. I’m so sweet right? Haha. Then met up with Moon and some other friends later for dinner. Again I had some apologizing to do (gosh, why is apologizing so expensive?), I ditched Moon twice in a row, one day being on Valentine’s Day (how was I supposed to guess that he wanted to hang out?) so I promised him a meal. Oh, my pocket hurts, I run through cash here like it’s Monopoly money.

Prior to dinner though, I received surprise phone call…it was Brandon. He only asked me, “Aren’t you coming out tonight (to Helen’s)?” I screamed in joy because that meant he was back. So after dinner, we went over to Helen’s and I saw the love of my life again, *sigh* he is just as dreamy as ever. I didn’t flirt too hardcore with him because I didn’t want to appear too eager, but if he would only give me an hour’s time and a private place…..but I digress. Oh, before I forget, Moon said something that REALLY pissed me off, what a jerk face. He looked at me all seriously and said, “You know, if you were thinner you would be really beautiful/sexy”……Excuse me, WHAT?! Then he ogled my boobs. Wow, writing about this just makes me mad again, I made him buy me a drink and as I got tipsy I forgot I was mad at him, but now I remember…..I’m so gonna make him pay for that! Just because he wants me and won’t get me doesn’t mean he can be a jerk off. Whatever, Brandon’s hug at the end of the night sustained me and kept me from doing vengeance. I can’t wait to try and work my wiles out on Brandon some more, he doesn’t know it yet but we are soulmates~

After Helen’s, we took a trip to Xitang. Like everywhere else, Xitang had been disappointingly empty for the month, but yesterday it was packed and so much fun. Every time I turned a corner, I ran into old friends/acquaintances, I loved having that feeling again. One person I ran into was this cute Russian guy I met last week, but he was trying to hit on  this butter face Chinese girl all night (Eww). Another bonus of the night, though, was that I kept getting free drinks from a fabulous, gay Chinese man. He was a great dancer AND had nipple rings; it doesn’t get any better than that, right? We danced until 5 am, then Moon and Li Jun You (my Korean friend with perfect Chinese) abducted me and forced me back to their apartment complex, we watched a terrible Korean “horror” movie. I must admit, I am impressed with myself, the movie only had Chinese subtitles and I still followed along with no problem….not bad for a drunk viewing, haha. Then I crashed on Li Jun You’s extra bed until 12 in the afternoon, and ran back home to shower and catch a movie with some Chinese friends who are back in town. I originally planned to go out tonight too, it’s a night of guaranteed free drinks and great music, but Mother Nature had other plans. I wonder why woman are so cursed, not only do we have to bare the children, but every month (just for kicks) we experience cramping pains in our midsections….don’t get me started on the bloating. Oh the joy of being a woman!



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