…the bane of my existence.

Last night had to be one of the funniest ones in Helen’s, Brandon and I have been getting pretty awkward around each other, I don’t even know why. Alex and I headed over around 10 so I could grab a salad (Helen’s salads are the best in Tianjin, hands down) and met up with Avi, Moon, Li Jun You, Mustapha (an African guy raised in India), and some of their friends. Since there were too many of us, we split tables and sat somewhere else. I ate my salad happily and drank a beer (something I shouldn’t have done but Brandon handed me a free one so I couldn’t resist). We talked for a while, then Avi went to Moon and the other’s table for a while, when he came back I discovered they had drinks and I wanted to see about getting some free ones so I headed over. Moon was being strangely forward with the arm around my shoulder right from the get-go, I was confused but understood after I discovered that his Chinese friend was a player, believe it or not, his English name is Dance. So dance and I played a Chinese drinking game that involves dice called ShaiZi, he started asking me what I thought of Chinese boys and once Moon went to the bathroom asked if I had a boyfriend. Of course I answered no, and then hinted that I’m a sucker for vodka, I expected just a shot of it or a glass, but no… the guy comes back with an entire bottle. I felt so touched, haha. Moon was giving me the stank eye but what is a girl to do, refuse vodka? I think not.

After a few too many shots, I felt less awkward about talking with Brandon, so we talked for a bit, and I even forced him to speak English with me. His English is so adorable; also I took advantage of the situation and asked him what kind of girls he likes…his answer made me SO mad. He likes girls who are “calm” and get him. Ok, the second part is a no-brainer, but what the heck is a “calm” girl, obviously it’s the opposite of me, loud and crazy Marsha. I walked away a bit angry and went back to Dance and Moon’s table (gosh saying their names together are so funny), I then cried out my woes to Moon. Not literally cried but I was sad, plus Moon found out about my wanting to rape Brandon thing a few days ago thanks to Li Jun You, so he made a good confidante. At least I thought so before, but sometimes I forget that he likes me, so he took the opportunity “give me his shoulder” and kept talking about how great I am and that I would find someone better. He definitely meant himself, but I was too tipsy to care. I also remember him saying things like, “Crushes and boyfriends come and go but friends *pointed to himself* are forever”. Omg this guy is too funny. He also offered to take me on a vacation in two weeks, to another province in China. Just to tour around and he would pay for everything….I love touring, and the thought made my college budget mind sing, but honestly I have to turn him down. That would just be too cruel. It’s one thing to lead a guy on for drinks, but to do it for a vacation is on a whole other level.

Also, I’m pretty sure he’s mad at me now, because Brandon and I sat talking in a corner for over an hour at the end of the night. Nothing romantic happened, I decided I will just be his friend since I’m not “calm” enough for him. He asked me what kind of guys I like and I told him, honestly my list is not that hard, I just want someone taller than me, nice, smart, funny, and cute. He also offered to show me around his school sometime…let’s see if he actually follows through with that, the prick…opps! I guess I am a little angry still, but the resentment will go away I’m sure. Moon came over at some point and tried to cockblock but I sent him away (there was nothing to block, haha). Oh, I just remembered, Dancer asked if I wanted to “go home” with him…the kid’s funny, I gave no indication of more than friendship so of course I said no. He’s pretty harmless though so we exchanged numbers and I said we could be friends. All in all, my heart got broken last night, but it’s ok, I need to stop with the guys anyways, boys bring nothing but trouble!


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