Workout Time

I have been so good lately; I stopped drinking beer (so many extra calories when straight out vodka gets the job done quicker), go to the gym everyday again (I have been so bad about that, I haven’t not been to a gym this long since freshman year of HIGH SCHOOL), and have been eating better. This is all part of my “Get Right for the Summer” plan. Haha, have to get in beach shape before I go back to Florida in 5 months right? Hopefully at least, my aim is to lose 10-12kg, around 20 pounds. I really am a stickler for slow weight loss, starve yourself and you look good for a week, but when you start eating again it looks even worse, not to mention, I have been losing weight slowly for the last 6 years. I have almost always been a bigger girl (I would never call myself “skinny”), but I put on A LOT of weight in middle school. To lose that weight, I never did anything extreme, just made sure to keep active and eat less of the bad foods. That way your metabolism gets better and even when you stop working out as much you don’t gain weight….take me for example, these past few months in China I have been eating to my heart’s content, fries, pizza, etc, and didn’t gain more than 5 pounds.  I will make sure to update my progress…Wish me luck!~ *Stay strong Marsha*


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