Chinese Mosquitoes

I swear the pollution must make these mothersuckers stronger…!

Why was I bitten on the face four times already two nights ago? These insects couldn’t even wait for the lakes and rivers to defrost. They were here until late November, why must they also arrive early?!

I just spent time hunting one down with a shoe so I can have a peaceful night’s sleep. My mosquito zapper is charging tonight and I’m going back into defense mode. Mosquitoes love me, maybe it has something to do with my blood type, but this statement is fact. As long as I’m in the room others need not fear, for I shall be taking all of the heat. I had a Chinese roommate laugh and tell me not to worry because the same thing happens to her. I relaxed a little bit, but still slept fully covered with only my forehead and fingertips exposed, while she slept on top of her comforter in shorts and a tank….guess who was bitten?! I’m telling you guys, I’m not paranoid…just unluckily tasty.


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