Registration Day & Reporter Dodging

Class registration yesterday felt a lot like registration last semester. It was actually the same registration process from last semester, when I was a new student and had to fill out forms and run around with passport copies and little photos (FYI Coming to Asia always have a hundred passport sized photos handy…you need them all the time). I assumed I wouldn’t have to go through it again, but China does love itself some paperwork. Literally, everything must be printed and stamped for it to be official; going to the bank is like taking a visit to a library….

Good news was I ran into a lot of old classmates and had a good time catching up. Teachers also bombarded me, but they have a tendency to do that in China…and from what I hear, all of Asia. The student teacher relationship is different in the Far East, when students see teachers outside here…students run TO the teacher to talk to them, rather than pretend partial blindness and hope they don’t notice you either *cough cough* I also picked my list of classes, I’m excited because they all interest me and I think I have the perfect combination : Chinese History, Movie Appreciation, Speech Arts, Communicating Across Cultures (this class is with undergraduates who are Chinese, not international ones…I thought taking one of these would add a bit of a challenge and plus I already know the teacher really well), World Economics, Ancient Chinese (Beginners), and Contemporary Literature. It sounds like a lot, but all of these classes only meet once a week, strange but I’m not complaining. Classes start next week. This semester I plan on going to every class (no more skipping for dumb reasons), doing ALL of my homework (not just most of it), and learning as much Chinese as I can in these last few months. It’s so sad but it’s almost over, I’ve been out of America for 10 months now, yeah I miss it and my friends and family, but I also enjoy my life over here….Well no need to dwell on that when I still have time!~

Side Note:

The paparazzi harassment has started again, I told a reporter in December that I would be out of town for two months, a lie but I really hate this lifestyle….I’m meant to be a lawyer, not a celebrity! Parents run up to me on the street (and one time a bookstore) and exclaim about how they loved me on the show. A cab driver yelled in extreme familiarity when I sat down (it was an awkward cab ride), just yesterday a random old man came up to me and recited an entire KuaiBan story (there were witnesses…I’m not joking). Anyways, I thought that would put the reporter off, and of course she promised to get in touch at the end of February…well, she actually DID. I did an interview for her two days ago. Then a director/producer from the TV station kept calling today. I ignored for as long as I could, but by around call 15 I felt bad for her, so I picked up. Well, my friend Alex and I are going to the studio on Sunday to get a run through for the show I will be performing in next Saturday. She tried to get me in there tomorrow but I lied about needing to go to Beijing for a couple of days to buy me some time. Honestly, I need to come up with reasons I love Tianjin since that’s what the interviewer will most likely ask. Where are my Miss America pageant question skills when I need them?


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. eccentricyoruba
    Feb 28, 2012 @ 19:48:14

    It sounds like you’re a local celebrity. I think that’s awesome.


    • marshabarsha
      Feb 29, 2012 @ 12:37:45

      yeah it would seem, and I hope that my dry sense of humor doesn’t make it seem like it’s all bad haha… people are really nice here and it makes for funny stories later 😛


  2. wil-na
    Mar 02, 2012 @ 07:57:34

    be famous so i could be your trophy wife!


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