Happy International Woman’s Day!

Yup, it’s finally arrived, March 8th, the day that we wait all year for, Woman’s Day! Well, maybe there isn’t that much anticipation, but it’s nice to be recognized anyways. I’ve only heard of this holiday mentioned in a passing joke one time, Woman’s Day can also be referred to by the date it falls on (March 8th), which in Chinese is 三八节 (literally the numbers 3 and 8 Day). Why is this funny? Because 3 and 8 can be used as a derogatory term for a crazy person. *Shrug* Can’t win ‘em all right?

I was asked two weeks ago to perform for a Woman’s Day celebration, which took place yesterday. I was skeptical at first, but found no way to get out of it (you all know that I am trying to slowly step away from the lime light). In the end, I’m glad I did it. One of my Tianjin Language Competition co-competitors KeXin was also doing it so I was glad to get more time to hang out with her. We left from our school yesterday at 3pm; it was a rented bus that carried us, some teachers, and about 20 other female classmates. It took an hour to arrive, I’m assuming it was a place on the outskirts of Tianjin…literally, I saw a sign that said “Beijing: This Way”, haha. Surprisingly, for a place in the middle of nowhere’s land it was pretty snazzy. There were chandeliers, well dressed hostesses, and observantly speedy waiters. The room with the stage was set up in banquet style with a good sized stage at the front. Also, all of the tables were decked out in top-notch finger foods and desserts. KeXin and I were very nervous about performing, no matter how many times you do it, performing it again you feel just as nervous as the first time. There were many lovely performances before ours (we were number 8), like acapella choirs, a lion dance, an award winning singer, and Beijing opera solos. All of the acts were performed by women, one was even a mother-daughter singing duo, and the girl was only five but sounded SO mature and sang so well! Finally, it was our turn, all I could think in my head was that I was going to mess up on my opening clapper section and hit someone in the face….luckily! That was not the case. It went well and I didn’t make any mistakes that I noticed, plus the crowd loved it so it doesn’t matter 🙂

After the banquet finished (there was an Italian opera performance from an American woman that was fantastic, by the way) we were bombarded by photographers and met some of the “Outstanding Women” guests. There was a really tall, skinny one who is a famous volleyball player, and a shorter woman who is a part of the Olympic Chinese Taekwondo team. We had to take “candid” shots with them, and then retired to our bus. The teachers surprised us with a free meal at a nice Chinese restaurant nearby. I met a bunch of people I didn’t know before yesterday, plus got a gift bag, a free meal, and 100 kuai that the head of the Department surprised us with today. All in all….a very nice way to start off Woman’s Day~


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