Impromptu Chinese Party

I got a text message from my Canadian friend, Gotiere, that simply said, “Come to the Chinese Department’s fifth floor, Party with Chinese people.” I originally meant to go running, but my opportunities to make new Chinese friends aren’t many, so Alex and I went on over. The room was decorated in pink and purple balloons and had about 20 Chinese students and 20 foreign students (Americans, Koreans, Japanese, a Ukrainian/Mexican/ and Canadian) split into two teams. All of the Chinese students screamed my name as I walked in, a strange experience but it always happens now, for some reason all of the Chinese students know who I am and KIND OF worship me (not in a make a sacrifice in my name sort of way, haha). It’s strange, but I think they are sweet.  When we arrived they were already well into a game that is kind of like charades. One person sees the picture and word then turns to the next person and does a move to tell them what it is, but then THAT person has to turn to the person behind THEM and do the move as well. And so on until it reaches the fifth and final person, it gets hilarious by the end, but for some reason no one was playing with joy. That’s right folks, it was a dead party, and barely anyone was laughing. It might have had to do with the fact that almost all of the foreigners had no idea what they were doing or supposed to do, they have only learned Chinese for 7 months so there were a lot of blank stares going on. Alex and I almost decided to leave, but I felt bad because we just arrived and EVERYONE noticed we came in (I’m semi-popular and Alex looks like an American movie star that will remain unnamed. Our departure would hardly go unnoticed. So what else was there to do but liven it up.

I volunteered Alex and myself to play the next game. They would give three words and we had to make a satisfactory impromptu play. Our words were “Valentine’s day….chocolate….purchase”, so we linked arms and pretended to stroll down a street. I put on my high-pitch, cutesy Taiwanese girl voice and started saying things like, “Happy Valentine’s Day sweetheart”, “I love you soo much”, and “what are you going to get your favorite person on this special day?” Everyone was rolling with laughter, then we stopped by a chocolate shop and he grabbed a box that was $10,000, but I smacked it out of his hands and said, “Does our love mean so little to you?” and in the end he got me a box of chocolates worth $100,000, haha. Yup, I’m that great~ Well, that lifted the spirit of the party slightly and it turned out to be really funny. Everyone did a little performance (I step danced for them), we played acting games, tongue twister games, and even voice acting. It lasted a few hours and we had plenty of Chinese practice along the way. There were prizes given out as well, I have a new stuffed panda, mini-mirror, and coffee mug. Overall it was a successful night.

Side note: It was so funny to see the Chinese girls fight over whom got the “privilege” of handing Alex cups of chips and whatnot. Secret photos were taken galore. Also, yesterday while we were eating lunch a Chinese girl turned around, literally gasped, and then turned to her friends and went, “Doesn’t he look like…. From….?!” We had a good laugh about that one.


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