The Vampire Next Door

Don’t you love the melodramatic title?

Back on topic: Remember my good friend Alex who I mentioned in several posts so far? (He went to Nanjing with me and almost got kidnapped for looking like Edward from Twilight) Well, as promised I asked for permission to put up a picture to prove that I am not crazy or a fan girl. Here is the proof! His friend took a picture of him off of his facebook and put it side-to-side with Robert Pattinson:


I think it’s hilarious, obviously he looks like a less angsty, less drugged up version..but that’s just my personal opinion.

Also, as a bonus I am going to add a “crouching” photo that makes him look very vampiric, haha


Funny sidenote, three days ago in the club, the singers on stage saw him, yelled “Edward”, and pulled the both of us on stage to dance with them. He died a quiet death of embarassment on the inside, but I didn’t care (I love dancing in the spotlight, haha).