Non-Fat Latte?

I am getting a serious case of second-hand embarrassment here sitting in my corner of a coffee shop! I am innocently sitting here catching up on homework (I am SO backed up), when I heard loud English being spoken at the register up front. The girl ordering a latte obviously doesn’t speak Chinese, which is fine, but the way she is screaming every syllable is enough to embarrass. But that wasn’t all, she had the audacity to ask for non-fat or skim milk. Alex and I heard this, looked at each other, and burst into silent laughter. Skim milk? In a place where regular milk is a luxury?

The workers looked at her in confusion and the girl continued to say “SKIM milk” in her face. I haven’t had a drop of milk (fake or otherwise) since I left America….as I mentioned before, milk in pouches on counters that don’t expire make me iffy…call me picky. Anyways, I just had to take a break from studying to share the hilarity. The thought of what just happened still makes me giggle.   

PS. Don’t pull out the pitchforks just yet, I know I haven’t updated in so long, but it has been a HECTIC month. My sister’s guest post is coming up in a few hours, so look forward to it 🙂


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Soph
    Jun 15, 2012 @ 17:28:51

    heheh always love your posts ^^


    • marshabarsha
      Jun 21, 2012 @ 14:06:37

      thanks, i know that they are slow in coming, but the end of semesters abroad are always the most hectic, add in a family visit and it equals …no posts 😦 But I’m back more ready to write than ever! Lol


  2. T
    Jun 16, 2012 @ 04:28:14

    Yeah, imagine that, going to another country and expecting the locals to speak your language. The staff should’ve shown that chick the way out. This is the problem with China right now: the Chinese people go out of their way to accommodate self-important Western expats filled with a sense of entitlement and privilege. This is why arrogant, douche bag expats keep arriving in China thinking that they can do whatever they like.


    • marshabarsha
      Jun 21, 2012 @ 14:05:37

      I agree that people should try their best to speak the language of the country they are travelling to, but I understand that it is hard. But then, in turn, it also becomes your responsibilty to go to the more expensive, foriegner friendly establishments (maybe ones with actual milk haha).


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